Fix the Woman: Add

The Problem: Fix the Woman/Person Approaches to Diversity

Add This:

You can help make these kinds of problematic statements more accurate by adding this research-based information.

  • Research shows that "fixing people" is never enough to change the system. Many people might benefit from learning to be/appear more confident or to speak more “professionally.” But, at best, this will only help those individuals; it won't change patterns of underrepresentation.
  • Fix the person approaches also ignore important reasons why underrepresented groups may not "lean in" or "speak up." For example, just because women "seem" less confident, doesn't mean they actually are; how they behave could be a result of stereotype threat or the environment they are currently in.
  • Suggesting women be more confident (or assertive) fails to recognize that there are advantages to behaving diplomatically or less assertively. The workplace could benefit from more people learning to behave diplomatically.