Male Advocates and Allies (report cover)

Male Advocates and Allies: Promoting Gender Diversity in Technology Workplaces

This report, sponsored by NCWIT's Workforce Alliance, provides an inside look into how men think about and advocate for diversity in the technical workplace. Drawing from interviews with 47 men in technical companies and departments, this study: 1) Identifies the factors that motivate or hinder men in advocating for gender diversity, 2) explores what diversity efforts men have experienced as successful or unsuccessful, and 3) identifies specific strategies to increase men's participation in advocacy.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Work at a Startup

Top 5 Reasons You Should Work at a Startup

Listing the top five reasons to work at a startup, this card encourages computing professionals to consider jobs with members of the NCWIT Entrepreneurial Alliance. 

Reproduce this resource with the help of a copy center. Download our reproduction kit, containing the professionally designed PDF file (measuring 4.25" x 5.5") and a printing guide.

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Who Invents IT? Women’s Participation in Information Technology Patenting, 2012 Update

The original 2007 report, Who Invents IT? An Analysis of Women’s Participation in Information Technology Patenting, examined the rates at which women have been patenting in information technology (IT), how these rates have evolved between 1980-2005, and how these rates differ across IT industry sub-categories and across specific organizations. This edition updates the previous report, exploring these trends from 2006-2010.

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Interrupting Bias in Academic Settings

Use this resource to help you practice ways to interrupt bias in real-life situations.

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EA Startup Toolkit

The EA Startup Toolkit is a collection of resources and recommendations to help small and growing companies with technical talent, learn how to create inclusive cultures, recruit and retain diverse employees, build diverse teams, and ensure that all employees are given opportunities to showcase their skills and are recognized for their technical contributions. Learn from NCWIT resources.

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NCWIT Tips: 9 Tips for Having Conversations About Flexible Work Options: for Employees

These tips can help employees have effective conversations about flexible work options with their managers.

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NCWIT Tips: 13 Tips for Having Conversations About Flexible Work Options: For Managers

The first step toward an effective flexible workplace is for managers to create an environment where employees feel they can discuss available work-life options without being stigmatized. These tips can help managers create such an environment, followed by additional tips for actually having these conversations with employees.

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Denver Start-Up Week

Monday, September 12, 2016 (All day) to Friday, September 16, 2016 (All day)

Denver Startup Week is a week of events showcasing Denver’s entrepreneur community in tech, design, business, and manufacturing.

  • Monday September, 12 4:00pm — 5:30pm: A Bigger Tent: Women in Colorado's Tech Scene Join Denver Post Business Editor Dana Coffield as she moderates a panel, including NCWIT's Terry Morreale, on the challenges and opportunities facing women in Colorado's burgeoning technology sector.  Like many tech markets, Colorado struggles to both fill tech positions as well as provide opportunities to traditionally underserved markets, including women. This panel will discuss ideas to make tech careers more available and appealing to women and other underserved populations. Each member of the panel has specific experience -- as well as passion -- in addressing this problem and bringing new solutions and ideas to the market.

  • Tuesday September, 13 9:00am - 10:00am: Startups & Diversity: The Challenges and Opportunities (Featuring EA Member Techstars) Diversity matters to startups, yet women and minority entrepreneurs are underrepresented in the ecosystem. This conversation will focus on the challenges women and minorities face as startup founders and employees, the strengths of a diverse workforce, and how startups can address unconscious biases and build diverse teams. It also will highlight Colorado-based nonprofit organizations available to assist undeserved entrepreneurs. In addition, “The State of Tech Startups: Diversity & Inclusion” report will be unveiled. This independent survey, commissioned by Techstars in collaboration with Chase, identifies why diversity is important to startups and describes specific actions startup founders can take to create an inclusive work environment.

Black Hat 2016

Saturday, July 30, 2016 (All day) to Thursday, August 4, 2016 (All day)

Black Hat is the most technical and relevant global information security event series in the world. For more than 18 years, Black Hat has provided attendees with the very latest in information security research, development, and trends in a strictly vendor-neutral environment. These high-profile global events and Trainings are driven by the needs of the security community, striving to bring together the best minds in the industry. Black Hat inspires professionals at all career levels, encouraging growth and collaboration among academia, world-class researchers, and leaders in the public and private sectors.

  • August 3 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM | REEF C "Building World Class Teams"  Creativity and innovation, two fundamental building blocks of success, are heightened by diverse teams. But building diverse cybersecurity teams in a market where demand is outstripping supply is increasingly challenging. Terry Morreale and Aaron Vimont of the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) and Joyce Brocaglia, CEO of Alta Associates and founder of the Executive Women’s Forum on Information Security, Risk Management & Privacy, will present research-backed evidence about labor statistics, new staffing strategies and how to recognize and address unconscious biases.
  • August 4, 2016 | 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM | Level 3, Banyan ABCD "Removing Roadblocks to Diversity" Instead of attracting diverse, qualified candidates, many cybersecurity positions and programs may actually inadvertently be precluding women and minorities. The needle just hasn’t moved on the dramatic underrepresentation of women and minorities in the security industry, even as the security talent gap crisis deepens. NCWIT's Terry Morreale will be hosting a discussion table immediatley following this panel.
  • NCWIT will also be hosting a booth on Wednesday and Thursday #3 Blackhat Boulevard. Be sure to stop by and chat!
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10 Actionable Ways to Actually Increase Diversity in Tech

Tech's diversity problem is not new information, especially to those of us who work in the industry. There is a trend taking hold in tech companies over the past few years: publishing diversity stats. While taking a hard look in the mirror is an important step in addressing diversity issues, taking additional steps to implement meaningful change efforts is also important. But what steps are most effective?

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Top 10 Ways to Identify and Cultivate a Relationship with Potential Sponsors

Research shows that having a sponsor increases both career satisfaction and retention; sponsorship is especially important for employees when they are a minority in a majority-group environment. Use these recommendations to identify and build relationships with potential sponsors.

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Evaluation Tools

Find a variety of surveys, observation forms, self-evaluation worksheets, and more that you can use “as is” or adapt for your own evaluation purposes. There are instruments that can be used to help you evaluate K-12, workplace, and post-secondary interventions.

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By the Numbers

By the Numbers

NCWIT's Women in IT: By the Numbers presents the most compelling statistics on women's participation in IT on a single page.

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Critical Listening Guide: Just Because You Always Hear It, Doesn't Mean It's True

Use this guide to help identify common misunderstandings that surface when people talk about how to increase the participation of women.  Learn to spot "red flags" that indicate a particular discussion is headed in a direction that may not be research-based or effective.

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Male Allies and Advocates:* Helping Create Inclusive & Highly Productive Technology Workplaces

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Women in Tech: The Facts (2015-16 Update)

One of NCWIT’s most popular reports has been updated for 2015-16. See what’s changed and what hasn’t. Women in Tech: The Facts brings together the latest findings from recent research on technical women including the current state of affairs for technical women, a summary of the key barriers to women's participation in technology, promising practices for addressing these barriers, and tools to support your organization's change efforts.