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On Monday, September 10, the Ad Council announced NCWIT amongst its coalition of partners convened for She Can STEM -- a national public service campaign that includes digital and social creative content, as well as television, print, and out-of-home advertising to showcase the achievements of female STEM role models, reinforcing the idea that STEM is cool, unexpected, and inspiring.

Beginning at minute 24 of this interview between NCWIT Counselors for Computing (C4C) Counselor Steve Sharp and The Cutting Edge Conversation, a podcast for school counselors, Steve talks about the connection between school counseling + CS/Computational Thinking, NCWIT, the value of school counselors as critical members of the CSforALL movement, and more!

View the full PDF of the Spring edition. "School Counselors + Virtual Reality = A Formula for Success" appears on page 45.

Counselor Jamila Nassar shares what she learned from #CSPdWeek in this post.

In recognition of #CSEdWeek, NCWIT Counselors for Computing (C4C) continues its #CSforALL commitment by partnering with Infosys Foundation USA to train school counselors.

Counselor Jill C. Newman continues her behind-the-scenes look at attending #CSPdWeek in this post.

Counselor Jill C. Newman gives a behind-the-scenes look at attending #CSPdWeek in this post.