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The NCWIT Academic Alliance Seed Fund awards NCWIT's Academic Alliance members at non-profit, U.S. institutions (excluding U.S. territories) with start-up funds (up to $10,000 per project) to develop and implement initiatives for recruiting or retaining women in computing and IT. To date, 47 member organizations have received a total of $545,450 to grow their technology-related outreach program. We thank Microsoft Research for their support of the Seed Fund.  In addition, a campus is eligible to win one Seed Fund award; however, a principle investigator may win more than once if they have moved to a different campus.

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2016 NCWIT Academic Alliance Seed Fund Award!

February 2016 (Round 12):

Microsoft Research and NCWIT are pleased to announce the 12th round of Seed Fund winners. We look forward to hearing the winners speak about their projects at the May 2016 Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Dordt College will offer ten annual scholarships for girls who attend the college’s residential, overnight summer camp. Dordt College also plans to expand upon the school’s new “Girls Who Code” program, visiting sites in surrounding communities where females work within the information technology industry while fostering young female students’ interest in computer science education. Project Principle Investigator: Kari Sandouka
  • Florida A&M University intends to purchase “Raspberry Pi” kits to be used in outreach activities for the purpose of creating instructional videos directed at high school and middle school students. The program will also implement a monthly research seminar designed to encourage interested undergraduate students to pursue undergraduate and graduate research avenues in computer science. Project Principle Investigators: Hongmei Chi, Sharmini Pitter, Maurice Edington

  • Georgia Institute of Technology plans to implement its “reFOCUS” program in order to increase the number of qualified, underrepresented female applicants in the college’s PhD programs. “reFOCUS” is a two-day program that includes informational sessions, lab tours, networking opportunities, interactive workshops, and individual meetings with faculty members. Project Principle Investigators: Jennifer N Whitlow, Cedric Stallworth

  • Northeastern University aims to offer a unique opportunity of peer recruitment efforts involving various student groups on campus. The primary outcome of the recruitment will be a video documenting why students transferred to the College of Computer and Information Science (CCIS), and it will be showcased in many different places, including the CCIS website. Project Principle Investigator: Andrea Parker

For complete program results and status of past Seed Fund rounds, download our Seed Fund Executive Report.

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