Carol Cohen

Cognizant U.S. Foundation
Global Head, Executive Talent and Leadership Development


Carol Cohen is Senior Vice President and Global Head, Executive Talent, Development, People Analytics at Cognizant. In this role, Carol shapes the organization’s talent strategy on global recruitment, talent management, diversity & inclusion, leadership development and engagement to be industry-leading. Her team’s mission is to accelerate future-ready talent and grow game-changing, world-class leaders faster than the company grows. Through cutting-edge people analytics, her team applies technology to talent data enabling stronger management and business decisions.

Carol is also a founding member of the Board of Directors for the Cognizant U.S. Foundation, a $100 million non-profit organization. The Foundation is focused on education, skills programs, and public-private partnerships with an emphasis on diverse, under-represented groups to address the U.S. shortage of digital talent. She is also a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion as the Board Sponsor for the NCWIT $4.1 million grant.

Carol earned her MBA from the University of Colorado and her undergraduate degree in psychology and sociology from Rutgers. Carol is a sought after speaker on HR, Talent Management and Diversity at industry conferences and business schools such as MIT, London Business School, and People Analytics World. She’s also a strong proponent of social responsibility and global diversity initiatives and serves both as a leader of volunteer groups in her community and various company efforts including those involving global outreach.