Jobs with NCWIT

K-12 Alliance/Latinas in Technology Program Coordinator

The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) is a coalition of over 600 corporations, universities and non-profits working to significantly increase girl’s/women’s participation in computing. It is highly visible on the national computing landscape, and has raised over $21 million in NSF grants, as well as considerable corporate gifts. This leadership position supports the K-12 Alliance and the Latinas in Technology Initiative. The position requires extensive ability to work with others at the national level, motivating volunteers toward a common goal and organizational change.

What your key responsibilities will be: 

K-12 Alliance (40%):

  • Act as liaison between K-12 Alliance members, executive council, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer (CS&O) and NCWIT staff. 
  • Work with K-12 Alliance project teams to monitor progress and keep projects on track.
  • Research funding opportunities for K-12 Alliance programs.
  • Work with the Social Science team manager to monitor K-12 Alliance resource development and keep projects on track.
  • Update K-12 Alliance materials, website, and development outreach sheets.
  • Develop guidelines and protocols for cross-Alliance collaboration and K-12 Alliance committee projects, communications, reporting and record keeping. Onboard new K-12 Alliance members and Associate members.
  • Spearhead initiatives directed towards education and outreach to underrepresented groups.
  • Administrative duties as assigned.

Latinas in Technology Initiative (LiT) (60%):

  • Participate in Latinas in Technology initiative planning and strategy with the CS&O.
  • Liaise with partner organizations and sponsors to communicate direction and status. NCWITwill be partnering with several organizations and will need a single point of contact who is able to understand sponsor and partner needs and represent these internally. Similarly, the needs of NCWIT will be communicated and represented to partners and sponsors to ensure alignment between all involved parties.
  • Program management for the Latinas in Technology initiative including: 
  •     Facilitate LiT Advisory Group meetings
  •     Monitor LiT timelines and keep projects on track
  •     Work with LiT consultants to produce project deliverables on time 
  •     Work with NCWIT operations to ensure initiative complies with all NCWIT policies
  • Work with NCWIT communications to create materials and collateral for the LiT initiative. Develop and initiate: 
  •     Website content development and updates
  •     Manage Spanish translation for LiT resources & website
  • Accompany CS&O on fundraising trips and meetings.

What we require:

  • Bachelor’s degree, or higher, in, or related to, journalism, marketing, communications, public relations or business.
  • Experience in K-12 education and/or outreach to underrepresented groups.
  • Understanding and familiarity with the Latino community.
  • Fluent in Spanish.

What we’d like you to have:

  • Spanish translation skills.
  • Past work with K-12 Latino populations.
  • Experience with education advocacy and marketing including traditional and social media channels.

Please apply by June 2, 2015 for full consideration: