NCWIT's 'Jam Packed' Practices Workshop

November 21, 2005
Summit Attendees

Every year, NCWIT has two national meetings. Last week (November 17th and 18th), we held our inaugural NCWIT Practices Workshop, coincident with our Alliance meetings, at Carnegie Mellon University. We had most of our meetings in Newell Simon Hall, a beautiful building home to the university's School of Computer Science, packed with computing students and hi-tech gadgets.

How Encouragement Fosters Curiosity and Growth

November 9, 2005
Van T. Dang

I recently had a conversation with a friend who told me her daughter has declared that she hates math -- and she's only seven years old! This got me thinking that the challenge for parents is to help their kids keep an open mind about the subjects they like or don't like. It's really important that parents keep exposing their kids to different things and different opportunities, and make sure that they don't close the door on new ones.

Revolution, Evolution & Innovation

October 25, 2005
Lucy Sanders

In my role at NCWIT, I have wonderful opportunities to talk to people all over the United States about technology and innovation. As a technologist and innovator myself, I love this part of the job. September brought together several thought processes for me that I am only now finding the time to write about. All concern the impact of information technologies on our global, social, and economic systems, and the role that women must play.

Competitiveness and the Global Gender Gap

October 12, 2005
Paula Stern

For years, science and technology professionals have tried to bring attention to the lack of gender equity in the important fields of information technology (IT) and computing. Now, ten years after the 1995 Beijing World Conference on Women recognized the need to promote gender equity around the world, the "gender gap" issue finally has arrived on the radar screen of the world's influential opinion-makers.

An Executive Mom's Wish List

October 5, 2005
Kay Cioffi

Recently I spent hours watching HBO's Six Feet Under so I could catch up before the series finale aired. As an Executive Mom, the innovation of "On Demand Television" has definitely enhanced my life. I now have access to hundreds of high-quality, fun, educational programs for my children. Better yet, I'm spending more quality time with my husband. (And it is indeed quality time, because my husband loves to cuddle in front of the television.)

Katrina and Historically Black Colleges and Universities

September 26, 2005
Dr. Michael Lomax

By now we've all seen the devastation that Hurricane Katrina has wrought on hundreds of thousands of people, who are now slowly beginning to recover their broken lives. One recovery effort about which the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) is deeply concerned is the attempt of thousands of college students to get their academic lives back on track.

Why the NCWIT Board Chair is a Man

September 6, 2005
Brad Feld

The most common question I've received over the past year, regarding the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), is "why is the board chair a man?"

Hurricane Katrina

September 1, 2005
Hurricane Katrina

Dillard University students camp out. Courtesy Greg Pearson/The Shreveport Times

I feel the need to post a short message about Hurricane Katrina.

Two members of our NCWIT community, Dillard University and Xavier University, have sustained heavy damage, and the worst may be yet to come. Please click here for a message from United Negro College Fund President and CEO Dr. Michael Lomax with information about how you can help.

The Road Ahead for Wal-Mart

August 17, 2005
Large group image

It's been a long time since I visited Arkansas. Growing up in Louisiana we would wander up there from time to time, but it's been quite a while since I spent any quality time in "The Natural State." As my plane touched down at Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport, I looked forward to slipping into a car and driving the backroads to Bentonville, where I was to meet the next day with Wal-Mart CIO Linda Dillman.

SpeechTek Innovations

August 8, 2005
SpeechTek Logo

On August 2nd, I attended SpeechTEK along with associates from Gold Systems.