Social Science Advisory Board

The Social Science Advisory Board (SSAB) is an advisory group of social scientists from preeminent institutions nationwide that support NCWIT initiatives and goals through their knowledge of research and theory at the intersection of women and computing. The SSAB comprises approximately 20 Core Members (non-NCWIT staff) for whom travel support for NCWIT meetings is provided by NCWIT*, as needed. Members bring expertise from the areas of anthropology, education, evaluation, gender studies, history, policy, psychology, sociology, technology, and workforce study. See the full list of members. For more information about the SSAB and its membership guidelines, view the SSAB Board Description and Membership Guidelines.

The SSAB...

  • Engages social scientists in issues related to diversity and computing. Participation both heightens collective awareness of diversity and computing and spreads information through professional networks, so that the best minds are brought to understanding and intervening in women's full participation in computing.
  • Contributes to setting NCWIT's research agenda.
  • Counsels the NCWIT Leadership Team on gender and organizational behavior, e.g. statements about organizational goals and identity.
  • Collaborates on reports about relevant theoretical and empirical issues, which are then published as white papers.

SSAB Consulting Services

NCWIT has established a consultation service in which Alliance members can discuss their specific plans and programs one-on-one with a member or designee of the SSAB. The service, funded by the National Science Foundation, is free to NCWIT Alliance members and supports several hours of telephone consultation. Broad areas of consultation reflect the wide range of expertise among SSAB members, and include Research and Evaluation; Assessment Design and Implementation; Recruitment and Outreach; and Data and Research on Women in Computing. To use this service, please complete a short questionnaire.

For a glimpse of the research conducted by members of the SSAB, see:

Alliance Leadership

Sneha Veeragoudar Harrell

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Maria (Mia) Ong


Tim Faiella

Social Science Advisory Board Program Manager
University of Colorado Boulder