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    The Summit is where powerful, unprecedented conversations about increasing diversity in computing happen.

    Thanks to all of those who participated in the 2015 NCWIT Summit. We've post videos, presentations, and more in our Summit Archive!

  • Students in Computer Lab

    NCWIT’s free and credible resources are needed now more than ever. Indispensable.

    Latinas & Tecnología de la Información is now available! Get Spanish-language resources for inspiring young women to pursue technology.

  • Make gender discussions less 'risky.'

    Find out what men can do to advocate for diversity in our Male Advocates and Allies study.

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    2015 NCWIT Summit
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Use the Survey-in-a-Box: Student Experience of the Major (SEM) to identify strengths and areas for improving your department’s efforts to

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Women and minority students are not in computing courses under the same conditions as their white male classmates.

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Culturally Responsive Computing (CRC) programs help educators connect computing curriculum to the interests, prior experiences, and needs


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