• TECHNOLOchicas

    I'm Latina & I love technology!

    Check out a national initiative to raise awareness among young Latinas and their families about opportunities and careers in technology, co-produced with the Televisa Foundation.

  • Make gender discussions less 'risky.'

    Find out what men can do to advocate for diversity in our Male Advocates and Allies study.

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    NCWIT has go-to resources: downloadable, credible, accessible, indispensable.

  • TECHNOLOchicas
  • Male Advocates
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Strategic Planning for Recruiting Women into Undergraduate Computing: High Yield in the Short Term

This workbook includes examples, guidance, and templates for developing a strategic recruitment plan to increase participation of females


Are you an NCWIT Alliance Member heading to a conference, workshop, or meetup? Take NCWIT with you.


Use the Survey-in-a-Box: Student Experience of the Major (SEM) to identify strengths and areas for improving your department’s efforts to

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Culturally Responsive Computing (CRC) programs help educators connect computing curriculum to the interests, prior experiences, and needs