Award for Aspirations in Computing, November 2007 Winners


Manpreet:  By knowing how to create it, there's a means to progress. You can create better technology from where you sit.

Kaitlin:  This realm is so broad.

Leona:  If you have the passion for it, you can do anything. [music]

Nicole Mina:  What first got me started was going to a science camp called Splash, and it broadened my horizons. It started making me see, "Oh, science is a really cool aspect!" [music]

Kayleigha:  I love to design new layouts. I don't like to use templates. I like to create it on my own so that it's something that I can say I really did. [music]

Amy:  I started programming last year, in AP Computer Science. It's very interesting because it focuses a different field than any of my other classes. [music]

Nicole:  As a blind person, I depend on technology. I wanted to understand it. I thought the best way to do that was to take computer programming. [music]

Kaitlin:  I love technology, because there's so many opportunities. It's boundless. It's efficient. It's such a growing industry. [music]

Melinda:  There's something that captivates my attention. It's just something that I can really get into. [music]

Lenda:  Everything is so complicated. It keeps changing, so you're always learning something new. [music]

Manpreet:  My favorite part of technology is creativity.

Lenda:  When it breaks down it feels good to be able to fix it. You feel a sense of accomplishment, like you're very smart.

Nicole:  It challenges you, and I like helping others with the programs I create.

Manpreet:  Technology, overall, is a big jigsaw puzzle. [music]

Lenda:  I look at things in depth now. I automatically imagine how it works because I'm so used to creating things.

Nicole Mina:  Considering I come from a very diverse household, I've traveled a lot to gather different ideas and compile them into one and run with it.

Amy:  I think that my programs are concise, and that's essential to effective programming.

Nicole Mina:  I'm good with it, because I'm curious. I find it interesting to be able to figure it out and see it all come together from just an idea.

Nicole:  I design programs for communication that help with this disability. I designed a program using Java programming language that transmits the MS Perl code into LOGIC which can then be compiled in Unix. So that Nexus can be written on a notetaker instead of a Brailler.

Kaitlin:  Sprite Animation Camp was this awesome two week camp that I participated in at the Edmond's Community College, and we did Clay‑Mation. For the first week and a half we basically learned how to operate the visual Basic and how to write the HTML code. [music]

Lenda:  I would advise another young woman to go for it. She'll bring a different perspective to the table.

Melinda:  It's a lot of fun.

Nicole Mina: In the realm of technology, it's so broad that you could do several things to help the community.

Manpreet:  To reach for your dreams. [music]

Nicole:  I would design a robot to all the chores for me.

Manpreet:  I would create an invisible flying car.

Nicole Mina:  I want to help prevent loss of bone mass of an astronaut, and we could go farther and figure out the outreaches of space.

Kayleigha:  I'm a type I diabetic. I would really like to use technology to create an artificial pancreas. [music]

Lenda:  The aspirations award really encouraged me to keep pursuing my interest in technology.

Kaitlyn:  I'm really excited about winning this award. It's been an amazing honor.

Nicole:  It signals that I'm going down the right path.

Manpreet:  It'll definitely open new doors for me.

Lenda:  When I heard of your award and I read the name National Center for Woman in Information Technology, I wanted to represent that number of women. [music]

Kayleigha:  Technology is always changing.

Kaitlin:  It's a growing industry.

Amy:  It's very logical.

Melinda:  It's fresh.

Manpreet:  If you have the passion for it, you can do anything.

Melinda:  It's a lot of fun.

Lenda:  Technology is another way to connect people. [music]