Award for Aspirations in Computing, May 2007 Winners

 [intro music]

Kamaria:  When I came to the School of Science and Technology, I really didn't know all that much about technology. I created my own calculator on the computer. I thought that was pretty cool. It took me forever, I'm talking about weeks. When that calculator was done I was like, "Yeah, I made my own calculator." I created that program. I put in all the binary numbers and I did all of that. Whenever I can create something like that, that's the coolest part of technology. [musical interlude]

Kim:  In my computer science class, I am the only girl. It was quite a shock the first time I went in there. I was definitely intimidated. It was comforting to know that my teacher was a girl. I competed for C++ programming. In that competition, I had to write a program, a mock billing system which was a lot of fun to do. In my competition with C++ programming, I was also the only girl at both my district event and also my state competition. One problem I would like to solve is dealing with identity theft. I would like to do something to help. [musical interlude]

Colette:  The most exciting thing I've ever created was my robot. I was thinking of getting a career in video game production. My favorite aspect of technology is there's always something you don't know. It's nice when you make something like the robot, or if you're doing an animation or website. Once you're done you have this awesome thing. You're like, "I made that." [musical interlude]

Christina:  Coming into the Magnet, I didn't have much interest in computers or technology much at all. My brother was in the Magnet and he recommended it. I started it and I loved it. A lot of people will consider not joining the magnet because they think, "Oh, I don't know much about computers," but I for sure didn't either, when I started the Magnet. Technology is something you can learn. We have the latest computers, the latest software, we have the latest everything. It puts us on the cutting edge, I guess, for when we graduate because we are literally working with some of the tools that professionals are working with.

[musical interlude]

Daniela:  I actually didn't know a lot about computers so I was like, "OK, this sounds interesting." I'm working on the senior DVD, I been working with another girl, we have a [indecipherable 03:31] chart, that is what keeps us on track and if either one of us gets behind, I'm like, "OK, this is what we need to do by this time, at this moment," so it's on time. [musical interlude]

Britta:  I really enjoy passing that knowledge I learn on to other people and I enjoy the fact that I can help those people and get them interested in this technology and have fun in an interesting way. I think you need to learn how to enjoy what you're doing and it's not about what's better, faster, more creditable. You need to learn to be who you are and enjoy what you're using it for. [musical interlude]

Alia:  I would try to make some way for the world to work together, be more peaceful. I'm planning to be a diplomat. I want to help developing countries and I know to have developing countries be more modernized. They have to have technology like we have. There is some solution, I don't know what it is but I'm going to work on finding it when I get to college. [musical interlude]

Alia:  My family is proud of me.

Christina:  Actually, they like it because if something goes wrong with one of the computers at home they have someone around that can fix it.

Daniela:  They are happy that I can help them out. [musical interlude]

Kamaria:  My friends ask me for help.

Christina:  They think it's pretty cool.

Daniela:  They are like, "You guys do a lot of cool things."

Christina:  They always are like, "Wow, that's pretty awesome, you get to do that thing."

Daniela:  The ones that aren't in the program, they wish they could be on it because we get cool computers.

Kim:  They really admire, I guess, what I do. [musical interlude]

Alia:  Women aren't in these fields, especially girls in classes, so the fact that I'm being recognized by a Women's Association for this award is huge.

Britta:  I think it gives me a boost, I guess, this is something that is going to be there for you the rest of your life.

Kim:  It's a real honor.

Colette:  I really, really, really didn't think that I would win, I had no idea, and I'm like a ninth grader and I won, that was very amazing.

Kamaria:  My aunt, she cried. [music]