Award for Aspirations in Computing, August 2008 Winners

 [music intro]

Brittany:  When I create something from my own idea and see it happen, it amazes me.

Noelle:  Technology is cool because it connects you to everything.

Laura:  If you can dream it, you can make it, you can make it happen. [music]

Meril Thornton:  You know, there are lots of recognition for the most popular kids, the class president. Here are some women who are designing websites in their early age or figuring out how they might want to program an iPod. We really want to find these girls and we find them that they have great personalities, they have some amazing accomplishments, want to recognize that and really help them continue. [music]

Ranika:  I do have a passion for technology. I would like to study it and create it, and apply it to real world applications and make it easy for users.

Nina:  I signed up for the AP computer science class my junior year, by accident. I got into it, I had to finish it, of course and I grew in love with it. That's where I am now.

Kathryn:  What's cool about technology is that is always changing. Technology is never the same.

Connie:  Technology makes me change my view of things, because it gives me a new way to think about things.

Brianna:  I think it's cool that you can take something complicated and just one person can make it easier for everyone else.

Nichole:  You learn a lot of different things, by doing technology. It's a great way to get creativity. It's a great way to learn.

Meredith:  I find it fun to be on the computer and just, since it's changing so often, it's fun to learn new things and explore while you're on the computer.

Paulina:  I love technology because when you sit down to program some code on your computer, like sometimes I work for hours on a couple of lines of code. It's really big deal. You put in a lot of time, but you see the results.

Natalia:  I would like to make the greatest invention ever. Not just take pride in it and say "I did it," but to see how it will bring change. How it would change people lives, just the effect it will have on other people.

Wendy:  My dream is to actually work at NASA and use a computer‑imaging program to scan spaceships, fake model them and see what flaws there are.

Elisabeth:  I really want use technology to develop alternative energy and solve the fuel crisis.

Aimee:  I would love to create a videogame entirely my own, and I would love to design and program, and probably even write the dialogue, because I really like writing too.

Diana:  The role that I want to play in technology in the future is I want to be a part of it and help it develop, and get better and spread all over the world.

Katherine:  It's just interesting because it's like, you don't know what it could be inside this little chip, or anything that could completely change everything.

Lauren:  I do like gaming. I think it would be really great to use technology with gaming, to gain kids education on how they can conserve water and conserve resources, and not to pollute.

Jennifer:  I like to create new ideas that have never been done before, so hopefully, I'll be able to create something that people will be able to maybe use in everyday life.

Lillybeth:  I see myself not only working in technology as a web designer, but helping others get into technology, helping them to change technology as well.

Monique:  I want to be a video game programmer, so I want to be the lead designer, lead programmer, of the team, or own my own business if possible.

Chasity: I see myself working Nortel or Cisco, making some type of invention, or patenting something, and just impacting our local area first.

Courtney:  I think if I had to do anything with technology, it would probably be a job like Christiane Amanpour and her job with CNN, using all the different technology that's available around the world, and helping with different countries that don't have those available to them.

Elizabeth:  In the future of technology, I want to be able to really get in there and have an influence in things that will affect how people live.

Symaj:  I hope to learn a lot more, and to teach people about the things that I know, and just become greater, and hopefully have a career in technology.

Khalia:  A great opportunity that I see for myself in the future is using what I've learned over the years to help other people do what they want to do, achieve their own goals.

Gracie:  It's just great to be working with a generation whose redefining women in technology, who are at the top of their fields, who are very accomplished, and I just love being a part of that.

Lucy Sanders:  You are the face of technology. You are the future of technology. We will depend on you to put your best ideas out into the technology that this world increasingly depends upon. You can change the world as technologists, and you must change the world. [outro music]