NCWIT 2011 Summit - Workshop Slides, Technical Women and the Great Debate: Change the System or Change the Woman?

Moderator Vivek Wadhwa hosts panelists Helen Peterson, Joanne Wilson, and Sara Chipps.

NCWIT 2011 Summit - Workshop Slides, CS Education: Success Stories from the Field

Maureen Biggers hosts several panelists: Tammy Pirmann, Idit Harel Caperton, Jean Ryoo, Dennis Groth, Jane Margolis in a discussion about CS education success stories.

NCWIT 2011 Summit - Orientation Slides

Are you new to NCWIT? Do you want to know why we exist, what's our mission, and what we actually do? Members new and old as well as guests and visitors are invited to attend this orientation session. Get the basics at our Fact Sheet.