NCWIT 2012 Summit - Workshop Slides, Reverse Mentoring Programs

Reverse Mentoring: What is it, and How Might it Improve Diversity and Inclusion in Your Organization?

Rosie Cofre, Randall Lane, Tina Wing, and Angela Archon discuss two companies’ experiences with "reverse mentoring," an innovative mentoring approach where junior employees or employees from underrepresented groups mentor senior employees or employees from majority groups. Panelists will discuss their experiences with the program, challenges, and how they have benefited from it. This will be an informal session, encouraging interactive dialogue with the audience.

NCWIT 2012 Summit - Workshop Slides, Job Advertisements

"How Job Ads Can Reinforce or Undermine the Status Quo" by Dr. Aaron Kay

People are powerfully, and usually unconsciously, motivated to view the status quo as the way things should be. Recognizing this fact can help us avoid recreating the gender imbalance in computing. One example of a process that very likely contributes to gender imbalance comes from research on want ads. In this workshop, you will learn about how the wording of these ads subtly communicates the assumption that men are appropriate candidates.

NCWIT 2012 Summit - Workshop Slides, NCWIT2Go

"Where Could You Take NCWIT, and Where Can We Take You?" by Jenny Slade, Dr. Wendy DuBow, Jennifer Jirous, and Dr. Charlie McDowell

NCWIT 2012 Summit - Workshop Slides, A High School Teacher's Perspective on Computer Science Recruitment and Retention

"A High School Teacher's Perspective on Computer Science Recruitment and Retention"

Seth Reichelson discusses how active recruiting, retention, and word of mouth have been wildly successful at Lake Brantley High, a non-magnet school in Florida where enrollment for AP Computer Science in 2011-2012 was 65 girls and 79 boys (*45% female*.) This recruiting success is amplified with both mastery teaching and projects that engage diverse students, practices that can be widely adopted for bringing more and diverse students into computing.

NCWIT 2012 Summit - State of NCWIT Slides

"Community, Evidence, and Action" by Dr. Bobby Schnabel

NCWIT 2012 Summit - Aspirations Award Affiliate Slides

Award for Aspirations in Computing Ceremony - Illinois Affiliate

NCWIT 2012 Summit - Plenary 2 Slides

"Minimizing Gender Biases in the Workplace: From Individual Survival Strategies to Organizational Solutions" by Dr. Shelley Correll

NCWIT 2012 Summit - Plenary 1 Slides

"Spatial Skills and Success in STEM: Thinking About Gender Differences" by Dr. Nora Newcombe

NCWIT 2012 Summit - Orientation Slides

CEO and Co-founder, Lucy Sanders, provides a progress report for NCWIT and talk about our milestones, activities, projects, and plans for the future.

NCWIT 2012 Summit - Workshop Slides, Stereotype Threat: How It Affects Your Students and What You Can Do to Help

The awareness of stereotypes about your group can suppress your intelligence, your motivation, your curiosity, and your ultimate achievement. In this workshop, Joshua Aronson will explain stereotype threat, the science behind it, and what you can do to combat it in yourself, your students, and your employees. 

NCWIT 2012 Summit - Workshop Slides, The Influence of Women on the Collective Intelligence of Human Groups

Learn more about collective intelligence and groundbreaking findings from two recent studies on collective intelligence. These studies found that while collective intelligence was not associated with individual intelligence of group members, it was associated with three other factors: 1) the proportion of women in the group; 2) the distribution of turn-taking; and 3) the average social sensitivity of group members. We’ll discuss these findings and what they mean for your organization.

NCWIT 2011 Summit Slides, Stereotype Threat and the Role of Encouragement

This talk features one of the pre-eminent experts on stereotype threat, Joshua Aronson, talking about how stereotype threat affects underrepresented groups in particular environments and what we can do to alleviate the phenomenon. Following the talk, a panel of Alliance representatives will help summarize the takeaways for each group.

NCWIT 2011 Summit - Workshop Slides, Tinkering: How might 'Making Stuff' Influence Girls' Interest in STEM and Computing?

Moderator Marie Bjerede hosts panelists Tony DeRose, Leah Buechley, and Sylvia Martinez

NCWIT 2011 Summit - Workshop Slides, Technical Women and the Great Debate: Change the System or Change the Woman?

Moderator Vivek Wadhwa hosts panelists Helen Peterson, Joanne Wilson, and Sara Chipps.

NCWIT 2011 Summit - Workshop Slides, CS Education: Success Stories from the Field

Maureen Biggers hosts several panelists: Tammy Pirmann, Idit Harel Caperton, Jean Ryoo, Dennis Groth, Jane Margolis in a discussion about CS education success stories.

NCWIT 2011 Summit - Orientation Slides

Are you new to NCWIT? Do you want to know why we exist, what's our mission, and what we actually do? Members new and old as well as guests and visitors are invited to attend this orientation session. Get the basics at our Fact Sheet.