2015 NCWIT Summit — “Male Advocacy” Empower Hour

Most research over the past two decades has focused on women. However, expanding this focus to include men is crucial. (

2015 NCWIT Summit — “Tapestry Workshops and Counselors for Computing (C4C)” Empower Hour

Tapestry workshops prepare high school computer science teachers to attract and retain more — and more diverse — students to computing. (

Counselors for Computing (C4C) equips school counselors with information and resources they can use to guide toward education and careers in computing. (

2015 NCWIT Summit — “Latinas in Technology” Empower Hour

Latinas in Technology brings together community leaders, policy makers, researchers, marketers, and members of the media to encourage Latinas and their families to consider careers in technology. (

2015 NCWIT Summit — “Sit With Me” Empower Hour

Using an iconic Red Chair, Sit With Me is a national advocacy campaign that provides a virtual gathering place for people (men, women, technical, non-technical) to acknowledge the valuable contributions of women in computing. (

2015 NCWIT Summit — “NCWIT Aspirations in Computing” Empower Hour

NCWIT Aspirations in Computing (AiC) is a sweeping national talent development initiative for young women in computing, from kindergarten through graduate school. (

2015 NCWIT Summit — “NCWIT Pacesetters” Empower Hour

NCWIT Pacesetters work together across corporate and academic boundaries to increase their organizations’ number of technical women at an accelerated pace. (

2015 NCWIT Summit — “Recruit Students” Empower Hour

This session will help you identify prospective students, leverage existing resources on your campus, craft and assess the messages you use, and ultimately, design an effective strategy for recruiting diverse students to your computing program.

2015 NCWIT Summit — “Retain Students” Empower Hour

This session will focus on strategies proven to sustain young women’s interests in computing from high school through graduate school and into the computing workforce, and prepare you to implement these strategies in your own work.

2015 NCWIT Summit — “Recruit Employees” Empower Hour

This session will prepare you to assess your current hiring practices and suggest approaches that will help your company attract diverse and talented employees that are essential to innovation.

2015 NCWIT Summit — “Data Transparency/Cultural Change” Empower Hour

Gathering and releasing data about the diversity of your employees are important first steps toward creating an environment that allows both diversity and innovation to flourish. Learn about NCWIT resources and tools available to help you with your transparency efforts.

2015 NCWIT Summit — “Outreach” Empower Hour

Offering interactive activities and relating computing skills to real-world careers can help reduce stereotypes about the technology industry. Learn about exciting and creative ways to engage young women in computing.

2015 NCWIT Summit — “Advocacy” Empower Hour

Learn strategies to effectively raise awareness about issues related to women in computing, and build a constituency committed to working toward change.

2015 NCWIT Summit — Workshop Slides by Jill Denner, PhD; Yasmin Kafai; and Linda Werner, Phd

Revolutionize Your Computing Competitions and Tournaments to Increase Diversity

2015 NCWIT Summit — Workshop Slides by Janet Hyde

Addressing Claims of Essential Differences

This workshop will focus on the current state of the research on gender differences in psychology and aptitude, the conclusions warranted by that research, and particularly the implications of gender similarities and differences for women’s success in computing and technology fields. Attendees will learn how to respond appropriately to assumptions and claims about essential gender differences.

2015 NCWIT Summit — Workshop Slides by Dr. Catherine Good

Practical Strategies for Reducing Stereotype Threat

More than 350 studies have shown how stereotype threat can reduce performance, confidence, and risk-taking for underrepresented groups in a variety of settings. Come learn about concrete ways you can reduce the negative effects of this subtle phenomenon in both academic and industry settings. These strategies will help a diverse range of students and employees participate fully in and make meaningful contributions to team collaboration and innovation.

2015 NCWIT Summit — Workshop Slides by Cathy Hawley, Lucy Mendel, and Miranda Reeves

Untapped Audiences: The Growing Pipeline of Women Returning or Switching to Tech

Learn about the growing landscape of technical bootcamps and returnships, as well as how to successfully incorporate untapped talent into your company.

2015 NCWIT Summit — Workshop Slides by Betty Jeanne Taylor, PhD

Inclusive Classrooms: Preparing Graduate Students for Academic Leadership

2014 NCWIT Summit – Workshop Slides by Adrianna Kezar

Slides from Adrianna Kezar’s workshop, "Creating Change and Motivating Others to Innovate”