2015 NCWIT Summit — Workshop Slides by Janet Hyde

Addressing Claims of Essential Differences

This workshop will focus on the current state of the research on gender differences in psychology and aptitude, the conclusions warranted by that research, and particularly the implications of gender similarities and differences for women’s success in computing and technology fields. Attendees will learn how to respond appropriately to assumptions and claims about essential gender differences.

2014 NCWIT Summit – Workshop Slides by Adrianna Kezar

Slides from Adrianna Kezar’s workshop, "Creating Change and Motivating Others to Innovate”

2014 NCWIT Summit – Workshop Slides by Brayden King

Slides from Brayden King’s workshop, "Mobilizing Influence in the Workplace: Creating Opportunities and Allies for Reform”

2014 NCWIT Summit – Workshop Slides by Mark Guzdial

Slides from Mark Guzdial’s workshop, "How to change a state: Making computing education fit into public education”

2014 NCWIT Summit – Workshop Slides by Geoff Cohen

Slides from Geoff Cohen’s workshop, "Yes, You Do Belong Here”

2014 NCWIT Summit – Workshop Slides by Anna Giraldo-Kerr

Slides from Anna Giraldo-Kerr’s workshop, "Micro Actions, Macro Impact: Managing Differences and Minimizing Micro Inequities”

2014 NCWIT Summit – Workshop Slides by Christopher Metzler

Slides from Christopher Metzler’s workshop, "Be A Change Leader Without Ruining Your Career

2014 NCWIT Summit – Workshop Slides by Ed Lazowska and Eric Roberts

Slides from Ed Lazowska’s and Eric Robert's workshop, "Tsunami or Sea Change? Responding to the Explosion of Student Interest in Computer Science”

2014 NCWIT Summit – Workshop Slides by Melissa Thomas-Hunt

Slides from Melissa Thomas-Hunt’s workshop, "Leveraging Expertise to Drive Team Innovation & Performance: What Gets in the Way and How to Get Rid of It?”

2014 NCWIT Summit – Workshop Slides by Rachael King

Slides from Rachael King’s workshop, "Why You Should Never Raffle Off an iPad... (Unless You're Apple).”

2014 NCWIT Summit – Workshop Slides by Raquell Holmes

Slides from Raquell Holmes’s workshop, "From recognition to action: What do you do to challenge inequities?”

2013 Summit: Workforce Alliance Meeting Slides

Slides from the Workforce Alliance meeting held during the Summit.

2013 Summit: Male Advocates Matter Workshop

Slides from the workshop, Male Advocates Matter: Promoting gender diversity in technology.

2013 Summit: CE21 Discussion, K-12 Alliance Meeting

Slides from the K-12 Alliance Meeting discussion of CE21, from the National Science Foundation's Sarah Miller.

2013 Summit: K-12 Alliance Meeting Slides

High-level outline slides for the K-12 Alliance meeting agendas, conversation topics, and speakers.

NCWIT 2013 Summit: Plenary Speaker Slides, Dr. David Neal

Slides from Dr. David Neal's May 21 plenary talk, "Habit Disruption: In Search of How People Change."