2018 NCWIT Summit - “TECHNOLOchicas” Presentation by Jannie Fernandez

Meet the TECHNOLOchicas 3.0, and learn about this ongoing initiative to raises awareness among young Latinas and their families about opportunities and careers in technology.

2018 NCWIT Summit - “Strengthening 2- to 4-Year Transfer Pathways: Implications for Broadening Participation” Workshop by John Fink

Millions of students start at community colleges each year, most of whom hope to transfer and earn a bachelor's degree, yet less than 15% are successful in doing so, including <0.2% in computer science. This workshop applies recent findings from national research on highly-effective transfer partnerships between community college universities to explore how college, university, industry, and community leaders can better harness the talents of community college students.

2018 NCWIT Summit - “Keeping the ALL in CSforALL” Workshop by Ruthe Farmer and Leigh Ann DeLyser

The movement to build computer science education for the U.S. is well under way, with new states, districts, and providers joining every day. As the institutionalization of CS progresses in our communities, ensuring that the CS programs are truly inclusive of girls and underrepresented students at the foundation is more critical than ever.

2018 NCWIT Summit - “How to Make Your Corporate Diversity Programs Count” Workshop by Mary Fairchild

Learn simple methods for thoughtfully measuring the impact of corporate diversity programs, how to build a community of practice in your company, and next steps for how you will measure your initiatives.

2018 NCWIT Summit - “Let's Talk R&R: Expert Advice on Undergraduate Recruitment and Retention” Workshop by Leisa Thompson and Sherri L. Sanders

This breakout answers questions about how to increase the representation of women in your undergraduate computing program including personalized advice from our experienced NCWIT Extension Services for Undergraduate Programs consultants.

2018 NCWIT Summit - “What Would You Say If... Helping Change Leaders Respond to Microaggressions, Bias, and Other Nonsense” Workshop by Colleen Lewis

Learn practical strategies for what you can do, as a change leader to make your classroom, workplace, or program more inclusive.

2018 NCWIT Summit - “Improve Your CS/IT Program’s Culture: An Academic Alliance “Living Resource” Workshop by John Paxton, Tracy Camp, Perry Fizzano, and Beth Quinn

Explore with other Academic Alliance members strategies for improving your department’s climate for inclusion and diversity in three key areas: 1) effective and inclusive faculty hiring, 2) improving student culture, and 3) improving physical spaces.

2018 NCWIT Summit - “Just Because You Always Hear It, Doesn’t Mean It’s True: Applying NCWIT’s Critical Listening Guide” Workshop by Deborah Keyek-Franssen

To cultivate interconnected, inclusive teams, change leaders need to recognize and celebrate diverse backgrounds and perspectives. This jiffy listening skills tune-up session uses active exploration of inclusion and diversity concepts to help participants evaluate problematic statements and practice the skills that will help them intervene.

Download workshop notes here.

2018 NCWIT Summit - “Reaching Rural and Remote Areas Bit by Bit! How to Connect Rural Populations With Resources and Opportunities for Computing Education” Workshop by Shalini Kesar

Learn how to engage rural areas in your state and region and reach underrepresented populations in tech. Dr. Shalini Kesar of Southern Utah University has led one of the largest NCWIT Award for AiC Affiliates for the past 5 years, recognizing 93 award recipients in 2017 – more than any other Affiliate in the nation! Although Southern Utah is not seen as a tech hub, Dr. Kesar has found success by engaging all parts of their community, including educators, parents, local businesses, clubs, and after-school activities in an effort to promote more women in tech.

2018 NCWIT Summit - “Building Your Diversity Toolkit” Workshop by Lisa Flores and Mary Ann Villarreal

As our institutions focus on diversifying our campuses and workplaces, one of the questions we need to ask as we "build our diversity toolkit" is how can our program, department, or institution better model an inclusive environment that attracts a diverse body? Though we will think broadly across diversity and inclusivity, we focus specifically on the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality to identify barriers that disrupt building an inclusive climate, and explore ideas and practices on how to sustain diversity, equity, and inclusion, even in the midst of difficult moments.

2018 NCWIT Summit - “Pink Brain, Blue Brain: What's the Real Story When It Comes To ‘Gender Differences’” Plenary by Lise Eliot

The so-called “debate” about sex differences made waves again this year, especially in the popular discourse around women and tech. Dr. Eliot will challenge some of these long-standing myths, providing a precise overview of the research into these differences and clarifying oft-misunderstood findings. She will also offer practical advice for educators, employers, and families so that we can close the troubling gaps between boys and girls, find more intersectional solutions, and help all children grow to reach their full potential.

2018 NCWIT Summit - “Pioneer in Tech Evi Nemeth” Presentation by Terry Morreale

Learn more about Pioneer in Tech Award recipient Evi Nemeth.

2018 NCWIT Summit - “Summit Welcome and Housekeeping Day 1” by Lucy Sanders

NCWIT CEO and Co-founder Lucy Sanders officially welcomes attendees to the 2018 NCWIT Summit.

2017 NCWIT Extension Services Transformation (NEXT) Awards Posters

Congratulations to the 2017 winners of the NEXT Awards — academic departments that show significant, positive outcomes in women's enrollment and graduation rates. View their posters using the orange download button.

2017 NCWIT Summit - “EngageCSEdu Discussion Circles” Conversation by Maya Israel, Beth Quinn, and Stephanie Weber

Join other educators to collaboratively explore pedagogy and curriculum to retain more women in computing. Learn about new initiatives from EngageCSEdu and how you can get involved. College faculty, high school teachers, and others working with high school and college students are encouraged to attend.

2017 NCWIT Summit - “Exploring NCWIT Evaluation Tools” Workshop by Gretchen Achenbach and Lyn Swackhamer

NCWIT researchers will lead you through NCWIT Evaluation Tools, where you will discover evaluation resources for a variety of audiences and uses.

2017 NCWIT Summit - “Male Advocacy” Workshop by Catherine Ashcraft, Cameron Fadjo, Ann Lorbes, and Brad McLain

Learn more about what it means to be a “male” or “majority-group” ally, why allies are so important, and practical actions that allies can take to accelerate change. Participants will also learn about what NCWIT members are doing in this arena and will have a chance to explore the NCWIT “Male Allies and Advocates: Helping Create Inclusive & Highly Productive Technology Workplaces” Toolkit.

2017 NCWIT Summit - “Let’s Talk R&R: Expert Advice on Undergraduate Recruitment and Retention” Conversation by Leisa Thompson and Sherri Sanders

Do you have questions about how to increase the representation of women in your undergraduate computing program? Come to this session for personalized advice from our experienced NCWIT Extension Services for Undergraduate Programs consultants.