Summit FAQs

  1. Where can I download the mobile app?

    Search for “2017 NCWIT Summit” in the App Store and Google Play. Or, use the web app version, which is available here.
  2. Can I attend an alliance meeting other than the one I RSVP’d for?

    Unfortunately, alliance meetings are by invite only. We ask that you please attend the alliance meeting to which you were invited.
  3. Can I attend a breakout session other than the one I RSVP’d for?

    Yes. We use RSVPs to have a sense of how many people to expect in each room, but you are free to choose a different session, depending on attendance and space.
  4. What are pre-Summit events, and can I attend?

    Pre-Summit events are by invite only. You are free to register and attend any pre-Summit event for which you received an invitation.
  5. This is my first Summit. How will I know what to do?

    Fear not. View an orientation webinar online. Each alliance meeting will also include some orientation content. If you aren’t able to attend either, feel free to ask an NCWIT staff member for help.
  6. How can I identify NCWIT staff members?

    There will always be NCWIT staff at the registration desk. If you have a question, that’s a great place to start. NCWIT staff will also wear “NCWIT Staff” ribbons throughout the event.
  7. Which breakouts should I attend?

    It depends on what your focus or role is within your own organization. The agenda is coded to help attendees identify the most relevant content. You can view the agenda at
  8. Who should I contact for information about the hotel?

    You can reach the front desk of the hotel at +1-520-792-3500.
  9. Where can I find basic information about the event?

    To learn about the event, speakers, and other content, visit
  10. I can no longer attend. Do you have a cancellation policy?

    We’re sorry to hear that you can no longer join us in Tucson. Please contact the hotel no later than three days prior to the original check-in date listed on your reservation confirmation. (By the way, you can livestream many Summit events at
  11. Is there a dress code at the Summit?

    There is no official dress code, however, most attendees opt for business casual clothing.
  12. Are there accommodations for people who are differently-abled?

    If you have any physical limitations, you can request a special access accommodation by emailing
  13. Are there sponsorship opportunities available?

    Yes! If you’re interested, please visit
  14. Can my spouse attend the reception tonight?

    Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to serve unregistered guests of attendees.
  15. Can I keep my luggage at your registration desk or in the back of a meeting room?

    A room for luggage storage will be made available on Wednesday, May 24. We strongly encourage attendees to leave their luggage with the front desk, as they have a luggage storage room and system. NCWIT is not responsible for monitoring luggage safety.
  16. Is there any way for me to share feedback about my experiences at the NCWIT Summit?

    Yes. Please use the links available at to access quick “pulse” surveys about your experiences in Alliance Meetings and Workshops. About one week after the Summit, you will receive an email to complete a final, short 10-question survey about your overall experience.