2013 Summit: Male Advocates Matter Workshop


Slides from the workshop, Male Advocates Matter: Promoting gender diversity in technology.

NCWIT is publishing cutting-edge research on male advocates and allies in the technology workplace. Hear highlights of the research findings and hear male and female NCWIT member representatives talk about their experiences with male influencers. The men on the panel will discuss what motivates them to be part of diversity efforts, what they think works well, what challenges they have faced, and what advice they have for other men and women.  The women on the panel will talk about the role male colleagues and sponsors have played in their careers, ways they recommend identifying male allies, and advice they have for other women and men. Moderator: Catherine Ashcraft, NCWIT;  Presenters: Mike Younkers, Cisco Systems; Colin Bodell, Amazon; Lisa Neal-Graves, Intel; Renata Colitti O'Day, Brocade