2016 NCWIT Summit on Women and IT

There is still work to do in order to increase the meaningful participation of girls and women in computing, and the NCWIT Summit is designed to make the hard work ahead more feasible.

The 2016 NCWIT Summit convened hundreds of change leaders from our community of educators, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and social scientists to discuss research, ideas, and action items for narrowing the gap. Creating change for women in tech is not a job for one individual or one organization. Each year, the NCWIT Summit offers an environment for peers to learn, strategize, and celebrate as they work on this very important mission.

“The NCWIT Summit really is the best networking opportunity I have each year. The opportunities to brainstorm, collaborate and connect with peers are just fantastic.” ~ NCWIT Summit Attendee

We brought the NCWIT Flash Tank back! It’s NCWIT FlashTalks … in the Shark Tank.

We gave six change leaders from the NCWIT community five minutes each to give a FlashTalk on something NCWIT should prioritize in the areas of diversity, education, image, innovation, social movements, and more. This is your opportunity to tell us about that item on your wishlist -- “I really wish NCWIT had research on this,” or “It’d be awesome if NCWIT ran a campaign focused on this.”

And, the winner is...

2016 NCWIT Summit Supporters

We would like to give a huge thanks to 2016 NCWIT Summit Reception Sponsors USAA, Brad Feld and Amy Batchelor, as well as Link Technologies.

We also greatly appreciate our Media Partners JupiterReturn, SWIFT, as well as Johnson and Johnson for production and making the 2016 NCWIT Summit livestream possible.

Looking for the 2015 NCWIT Summit on Women and IT site? You can view it here. Or, visit our archive to view all past NCWIT Summits.