2016 NCWIT Flash Tank

It’s NCWIT FlashTalks … in the Shark Tank.

NCWIT continues to leverage members’ ideas in order to create the most useful research, tools, and platforms to support efforts in increasing the meaningful participation of girls and women in computing. Change leaders from the NCWIT community will have five minutes each to give a FlashTalk on something NCWIT should prioritize in the areas of diversity, education, image, innovation, social movements, and more. This is your opportunity to tell us about that item on your wishlist -- “I really wish NCWIT had research on this.” or “It’d be awesome if NCWIT ran a campaign focused on this.”

2016 NCWIT Summit FlashTalk Presenters

We heard from Jill Denner, PhD, Senior Research Scientist ETR; Ruha Devanesan, Manager, Global Diversity and Inclusion, Symantec; Daniela Marghitu, Professor, Computer Science and Software Engineering, Auburn University; Alberto Roca, PhD, Founder, DiverseScholar; Emmanuel Schanzer, Founder, Bootstrap; and Jill Wetzler, Director of Engineering, Lyft

Congratulations to the winning Flash Tank presenter, Alberto Roca, who received a Microsoft Surface Book, courtesy of Microsoft. Alberto's presentation, "NCWIT Summit Student Newsroom to Save Tech Journalism and Diversity," will be considered for ideation and possible implementation by NCWIT.

What is a FlashTalk?

If you’ve heard of Ignite® or Pecha Kucha or lightning talks, you know what we’re talking about. An NCWIT FlashTalk is a short, thought-provoking PowerPoint presentation, delivered in a fixed format: 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds for a total talk time of 5 minutes.

Check out the 2015 Flash Tank and FlashTalk videos from previous NCWIT Summits. And, be on the lookout for a workshop at the 2016 NCWIT Summit on last year’s Flash Tank winning idea from Dr. Linda Ott.

Two Twists: FlashTalks in the Shark Tank

  1. A panel of experts will moderate a discussion after each FlashTalk to help expand upon the idea. Convince them that they cannot afford to miss out on capitalizing on your idea.
  2. At least one innovative idea will be considered for implementation by NCWIT.