Women in IT: The Facts

Women in IT: The Facts

Women in IT: The Facts, sponsored by NCWIT's Workforce Alliance, brings together the latest findings from recent research on technical women. This report gives you:

  • The best available data about the current state of affairs for technical women, in a single, easy-to-access resource
  • A summary of the key barriers to women's participation in technology AND promising practices for addressing these barriers
  • Data and tools to support your organization's change efforts

Ways to use Women in IT: The Facts

  • Watch the teaser (Flash)
  • Get the full PDF report (on the left)
  • Use the "Business Case" for Women in Technology (PDF). This two-page "teaser" is a brief way to make the case for diversity in information technology and raise awareness with company executives, co-workers, or the general public.
  • Insert Charts and Graphs (ZIP). Use these charts and graphs, with some of the most important and striking data from The Facts, to spread awareness within your own company's presentations and documentation.

JPEG Charts and Graphs

  • Falling Rate of Students Who Intend to Major in Computing (JPEG)
  • Percent of Computing Jobs Held by Women, 1985-2009 (JPEG)
  • Percent of Computing Jobs Held by Women and Minorities, 2009 (JPEG)
  • Half of Technical Women Leave Their Company at the Mid-level (JPEG)
  • Where Technical Women Go When They Leave Their Company (JPEG)
  • Intervention Could Add 220,000 Women to the IT Workforce (JPEG)

Sources and Resources

Some material in this report is used with permission from "Climbing the Technical Ladder: Obstacles and Solutions for Mid-level Women in Technology" (Simard, C. & Hendersen, A.D., 2008. Clayman Institute, Stanford University and Anita Borg Institute.)Download "Climbing the Technical Ladder."

Some material in this report is Overview Information used with permission from "The Athena Factor: Reversing the Brain Drain in Science, Engineering, and Technology" by Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Carolyn Buck Luce, Lisa J. Servon, Laura Sherbin, Peggy Shiller, Eytan Sosnovich, and Karen Sumberg.  Copyright (c) 2008 by Harvard Business Publishing; all rights reserved. Order The Athena Factor Now.

Release Date 
September 30, 2009
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