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Why Male or “Majority-Group” Allies?

Why Male or “Majority-Group” Allies?

Male or “majority-group” allies are key for successful change efforts in technology for at least two reasons.

First, to date, in technical organizations, men hold the majority of formal leadership positions, so they are often in a better position to make change — whether it be in subtle everyday moments or in changing larger business systems.

Second, increasing diverse participation is not a women’s issue or an issue that is only relevant to women and other underrepresented groups. Diversity and inclusivity are business issues, and they are human issues. People of all genders are held to restrictive standards around gender, racial, and other identities that limit their potential and the kinds of things they are able to do. Research also shows that businesses profit from diverse perspectives that bring innovation and company competitiveness.

Since these are issues that impact all of us, as well as the business, we should all come together to work on them. Additionally, recognizing the benefits of increased diversity to all employees dismantles claims that “special privileges” or “special help” is being given to underrepresented technologists.