Survey-in-a-Box: Student Experience of the Major


A survey and associated resources for assessing, interpreting, and improving the climate of undergraduate computing departments to improve retention of and increase enrollment by all students. Box components include a survey for collecting data from undergraduates to find out what they are experiencing in the major and furnishing data to the department; directions for conducting the survey and for getting human subjects approval; department-specific analysis and recommendations; templates for presenting results to your faculty and students; and suggestions for sharing the results and taking positive action.

Using Evidence to Plan for Retention

Which aspects of the academic and social climate in your department should you change to retain undergraduate women and men in your major? Which initiatives make the best use of your resources?

Use Survey-in-a-Box: Student Experience of the Major (SEM) to identify conditions that are helpful or harmful for student retention and to plan actions to improve the student experience. The SEM Survey-in-a-Box includes everything you need to prepare for, administer, and act on results of the survey. NCWIT Extension Services offers guidance throughout the process.

Need Additional IRB Support?

Survey-in-a-Box: Student Experience of the Major was produced thanks to contributions from the following people and organizations: Lecia Barker, Senior NCWIT Research Scientist; Suzanne Schaefer, Ada Byron Research Center, University of California at Irvine; Assessing Women and Men in Engineering (AWE); and Jane Krauss, Education Consultant.

Release Date: May 15, 2007
Audience(s): Higher Education