EngageCSEdu (website)

EngageCSEdu offers hundreds of materials for introductory computing courses, including projects, homework assignments, and labs. The materials are peer reviewed and searchable by topic, programming language, and more.

NCWIT developed EngageCSEdu to support computing faculty in finding and sharing high quality course materials designed to engage all students. In the fall of 2020, NCWIT gifted EngageCSEdu to the ACM, the world’s premiere computing professional organization. As a project of ACM’s Education Board, EngageCSEdu makes use of many of the processes of peer reviewed journals to ensure the quality of the materials in the collection. Under ACM ownership, the collection retains its focus on broadening participation in computing through the support of inclusive teaching practices and curricula.

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NCWIT thanks Google for their generous support of EngageCSEdu.



Release Date 
November 10, 2014
Short URL:www.ncwit.org/resources/engagecsedu