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Effective role models have a positive influence on youth. Schools can ensure the role model or mentor relationship is effective by following key advice offered on this CD from Techbridge. The CD offers a collection of resources and activities that draw on lessons learned working with role models in classroom and field trip settings. Share with colleagues, counselors, and school leaders as you bring role models and students together. Contributed by Techbridge
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Effective feedback gives students information they actually use to increase their learning and improve their performance. It should employ a "growth mindset" that focuses on developing intelligence through effort, practice, and "wise feedback" that spurs additional effort.

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Regional Celebrations-in-a-Box contains resources for organizing small conferences designed to increase the participation, retention, and advancement of technical women. This program-in-a-box is a compilation of materials and practices from Regional Celebrations around the country that bring women together in supportive communities for professional growth. The box includes advice about planning and materials for program elements such as intentional role modeling, group and individual mentoring, networking, and ways to share accurate career information.