Sit With Me

Sit With Me LogoBeginning the conversation about inclusion can be intimidating for men and women alike, but the challenges must be explored to be overcome. Hosting dialogues about how diversity changes what’s possible in technological innovation is a fun, creative way to raise awareness about the importance of breaking down barriers to women’s meaningful and influential role in computing.

Who we are

Sit With Me (SWM) is a national advocacy program that celebrates women’s contributions to technology through virtual and in-person events. Individuals—men and women, technical and non-technical, allies and advocates—from businesses and educational institutions use the SWM platform and its iconic red chair to create spaces where everyone can reflect on the value of diversity and inclusion.

Participating with SWM involves a small but symbolic action: sit in a red chair, and share your story.

The chair

The red chair is bold; its color grabs attention and encourages action. The red chair is symbolic; when individuals and groups sit to take a stand, they validate and recognize women in computing for their important role in creating modern innovation. The red chair is inclusive; it gives all individuals an engaging way to sit in solidarity for technical women and invite others to participate.

Getting involved

When everyone sees the value of what women bring to technology, creating an inclusive environment for women to thrive becomes a shared goal. Open the door, pull up a chair, and host your own SWM event. Download the SWM sharing kit, packed with inspiration and recommendations to help you get started, here.

  • Buy a SWM red chair to use in your events, or just keep it in your work space as a conversation starter. Learn more about purchasing a chair from our SWM partner, Emeco, here.
  • Personalize your SWM campaign by using your own red chair. Buy one that fits your decor, paint a chair red, or even build one yourself – the possibilities are endless.
  • Join the conversation on social media! Follow @SitWithMe on Twitter and Instagram, and share your own photos and stories using the hashtag #SitWithMe.


Download the one-page information sheet for an overview of the program, including the latest Sit With Me results.


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