Sharing Practices Project Team

The Sharing Practices Project Team is examining ways to create an online searchable repository for activities and initiatives underway that relate to women in computing but that have not been vetted as an effective practice. The Sharing Practices blog ( is a place for Academic Alliance members to share their good ideas that have not yet graduated to Promising Practice level. Browse the tags for types of initiatives, targeted audience, or intended goals. Submit your promising practice! Follow the blog for daily or weekly updates to practices!

Sharing Practices Project Team Goals:

  • Continue to facilitate active participation on the Sharing Practices blog
  • Transition maintenance of the Sharing Practices blog to NCWIT staff
  • Provide an opportunity for Academic Alliance members to share practices at the annual summit meeting
  • Work with the Recruitment & Engagement team to ensure that new members are actively engaged at the Academic Alliance session of the annual summit meeting

Sharing Practices Project Team Activities:

Finding new ideas and connecting with their originators is as easy as visiting Share your practice by sending an email! Add events, activities, and Summit un-posters to the Sharing Practices Blog. Hundreds of people are viewing many of these resources, so be sure to add yours to increase your visibility.

To add a sharing practice:

  • Compose an email to
  • Use the subject field for the entry title.
  • You may attach photos, video, music, and documents (PDF). Please include a small image (it could be your school’s logo) for the thumbnail.
  • In the body of the email, include (if applicable) Project title, Institution, Contact, URL/social media links, Goal, and Target age.
  • Send! The entry will not be published automatically. One of our moderators will approve and publish.

If you would like to contact the Sharing Practices Project Team for more information about their goals, activities, and resources, or if you are interested in joining the Sharing Practices Project Team, please send an e-mail to

People Involved: 

Charlie McDowell

Co-chair Liaison

Jennifer Goodall

Project Team Co-leader

Sharon Mason

Project Team Co-leader

Monisha Pulimood

Project Team Co-leader