Research Work Team

This team works to stay abreast of current research, identify and prioritize new research needs, and conduct original social science research in support of NCWIT’s mission.

Past Outcomes

“International Benchmarking Research” resulted in an international By The Numbers NCWIT resource and an interactive benchmarking tool that companies could use to access data on computing and other occupations internationally.

Current Project

“The Pathways Study” is an investigation into how women and men describe their jobs and technical career trajectories. Expected outcomes:

  • improved understanding of how women and men talk about their jobs and their pathways into these jobs
  • final research report (document + presentation)
  • development of new NCWIT resources for improving job ads and other recruitment, selection, and employee development processes

"The Pathways Study" is sponsored by Symantec.

To learn more and/or volunteer to serve on a WA/EA Work Team, please email Dori Farah at


People Involved: 

Val Wanjura

Research Work Team Co-chair

Ruha Devanesan

Research Work Team Co-chair