Pacesetters Program

Today, a growing number of leaders are aware of the need to make more women’s and minority voices heard—and they’re ready to act. All they need is a thoughtful way to commit and begin. The Pacesetters program gives them that start, serving as a think tank and a living lab for diversity and inclusion.

Who we are

NCWIT Pacesetters is a unique, fast-track program where committed corporate, entrepreneurial, and academic leaders work across organizational boundaries, finding innovative solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems in an intensive, uncompromising, and accelerated pursuit of advocacy and change.

Getting involved

Carefully selected participants make an aggressive, two-year commitment to making the specific organizational changes they want to achieve. Participation in Pacesetters enables far-reaching transformation and the cultural shifts that change minds, lives, and what’s possible.

Pacesetters receive extensive benefits from NCWIT, including:

  • Support in securing executive-level buy-in
  • Assistance in goal setting and progress reporting
  • Access to social science expertise
  • Practical, research-based recommendations and approaches for recruitment and retention of women in computing degree programs and careers
  • Outside recognition for commitment to diversity and inclusion in technology innovation

View advice, insights, and inspiration from more than two dozen Pacesetters in this series of videos.

Members Involved: