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NCWIT & ACM-W Student Seed Fund

Since 2011, the NCWIT Student Seed Fund has invested $316,250 in more than 157 student-run programs for women in computing at non-profit, U.S. Academic Alliance member institutions nationwide (excluding U.S. territories). Programs have included programming workshops, tech summits, peer mentoring and support, professional training, after-school programs, and the creation of multimedia materials — all aimed at increasing recruitment and retention of women and other underrepresented groups in computing.

Applications are currently closed, and will not be taken until further notice.

Create and Expand WiC Groups on Campus

The NCWIT and ACM-W Student Seed Fund offers an opportunity to create or expand ACM-W chapters on college and university campuses.

WiC groups on campus can increase women’s confidence and enjoyment of their technical studies, help reduce feelings of isolation, dispel common myths and stereotypes, and empower students to actively recruit and mentor other women. NCWIT offers a brief guide, which discusses how to get a group started and to build its structure, the importance of maintaining an open and public presence, possible activities, ways to build membership, and the value of affiliating with other groups. View the “13 Tips for Creating and Sustaining a Women in Computing Group on Your Campus” resource.

Past Student Seed Fund Winners


Previous Sponsors

NCWIT would like to thank past sponsors for their generous support --, Symantec, and Return Path.

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NCWIT EngageCSEdu Engagement Excellence Awards

The NCWIT EngageCSEdu Engagement Excellence Awards, funded by Google, recognize faculty who are making a difference in their introductory computer science classrooms through excellent and engaging curriculum, contributing the best of the best to the EngageCSEdu collection. EngageCSEdu is a growing, peer-reviewed collection created by faculty across the country that employ a number of “engagement practices” that research suggests are likely to engage students, especially women and other underrepresented groups.

We are pleased to announce the 2019 EngageCSEdu Engagement Excellence Award Recipient!

Mark Gondree, Sonoma State University

NCWIT recognizes Professor Mark Gondree, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Sonoma State University, with the 2019 Engagement Excellence Award for his CS1 assignment, Air Quality Index Calculator. The assignment is exemplary for its clarity of presentation, the quality of scaffolding, and the integration of a highly relevant and meaningful interdisciplinary topic: the scientific measure of environmental air quality. Students are asked to write a program that utilizes user input simulating data from environmental sensors to compute the appropriate air quality index and print the associated category metric. Professor Gondree includes relevant syntactic advice and hints, and effectively scaffolds the assignment by building in two checkpoints, each with sample input and output (subtly highlighting some special cases). These checkpoints integrate interactions with faculty into the assignment. In addition, he provides excellent references, allowing students to more fully explore this interdisciplinary topic. The assignment is coupled with a ‘redux’ version intended for students to revisit the topic once they have been exposed to more advanced data structures.


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