Extension Services Consultants

NCWIT Extension Services Consultants (ESCs) are experts in NCWIT’s research-based recruitment and retention strategies, who help academic departments identify opportunities and challenges for increasing women’s enrollment and graduation in computing programs. The ESCs have a broad range of expertise in program evaluation, organizational change, computing education, and other relevant fields. Extension Services clients who desire more than the grant-funded services may engage their consultant for a fee. Any NCWIT member may also contact these professionals regarding consultation for a fee.

Achenbach Photo

Gretchen Achenbach

Research Scientist

Education: Ph.D. Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Areas of Expertise: Research-based resources to raise awareness and provide information needed to implement change in girls’ and women’s representation in computing and technology.

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Angela Photo

Angela E. Arndt

Senior Consultant
Blinkin’ Know Ware Consulting

Education: Ph.D. Educational Studies, University of Cincinnati, Certified in Program Assessment and Evaluation

Areas of Expertise: Technology access equity, social and cultural aspects of educational systems, and qualitative research methodologies.

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Barker Photo

Lecia Barker

Senior Research Scientist

Education: Ph.D. Communication, University of Colorado Boulder

Areas of Expertise: Research and evaluation of computing education and initiatives at K-12, undergraduate, and graduate levels.

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Sally Photo

Sally L. Bond

The Program Evaluation Group, LLC

Education: M.A. Sociology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Areas of Expertise: Program planning and evaluation design, collection and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, data entry, report writing, and technical assistance in evaluation. 

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Cathy Photo

Catherine E. Brawner

Research Triangle Educational Consultants

Education: Ph.D. Educational Research and Policy Analysis, North Carolina State University

Areas of Expertise: Educational program evaluation using qualitative and quantitative methods and specializing in engineering education, technology education, and teacher education.

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Rebecca Dohrman Photo

Rebecca Dohrman

Assistant Professor of Communication
Maryville University

Education: Ph.D. Organizational Communication, Purdue University

Areas of Expertise: Qualitative methods, organizational communication, career perceptions, and gendered socialization.

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Amy Germuth

Amy Germuth

Founder and President

Education: Ph.D. Psychology, Measurement, and Evaluation, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Areas of Expertise: Education evaluation and consulting.

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Goodall Photo

Jennifer Goodall

Assistant Dean
College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security, and Cybersecurity, University at Albany

Education: Ph.D. Information Science, University at Albany

Areas of Expertise: Women in computing and higher education.

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Grier Photo

Leslie K. Grier

Professor, Child and Adolescent Studies
California State University, Fullerton

Education: Ph.D. Developmental Psychology, Wayne State University

Areas of Expertise: Program evaluation and youth development, at-risk and underrepresented populations, and academic achievement.

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Jones Photo

Kellye Jones

Associate Professor of Management
Clark Atlanta University

Education: Ph.D. Organizational Communication/Management, Ohio University

Areas of Expertise: Leadership, management, global management, and entrepreneurship at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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Eugene Photo

Eugene Judson

Associate Professor, Science Education and Director, Plymouth Research
Arizona State University

Education: Ed.D. Science Education, Arizona State University

Areas of Expertise: Evaluation of NSF programs focusing on STEM issues.

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Lowe Photo

Rebecca Lowe

Educational Researcher and Program Evaluator
North Carolina State University

Education: Ph.D. Educational Psychology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Areas of Expertise: STEM evaluation training focused on underrepresented minorities.

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Macias Photo

Elsa Macias

Research Analyst

Education: Ph.D. Policy Analysis, Arizona State University

Areas of Expertise: Research-based initiatives to recruit and retain women in STEM, evaluation of NSF-funded programs focusing on STEM issues, qualitative research methods, and academic achievement of underrepresented populations.

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Powell Photo

Rita Powell

Associate Director, Computer and Information Science
University of Pennsylvania

Education: Ed.D. Higher Education Management, University of Pennsylvania

Areas of Expertise: Recruiting and retaining women in computer science and engineering, qualitative research methods, grant writing, program development, and teacher education.

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Sherri Sanders Photo

Sherri Sanders

Director of Extension Services

Education: Ph.D. Higher Education Administration, The University of Texas at Austin

Areas of Expertise: Research and experience in strategic diversity planning, inclusive classrooms, campus climate, and faculty recruitment and retention.

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Michelle Slattery Photo

Michelle Slattery

Peak Research LLC

Education: M.A. Applied Behavioral Sciences (Human Factors), Wright State University

Areas of Expertise: Research and evaluation of STEM programs and grants using qualitative and quantitative methods, strategic planning, grant writing, data visualization, and use of research-based approaches to increase diversity.

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Travis Tatum Photo

Travis Tatum

President and Founder
Creative Research Solutions

Education: Ph.D. Social Psychology, University of Michigan

Areas of Expertise: Research and evaluation around discussions about identity and social justice within academic settings.

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Thompson Photo

Leisa Thompson

Director of Research & Consulting, NCWIT Extension Services
University of Virginia

Education: Ph.D. Higher Education Leadership, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Areas of Expertise: Research on systemic reform to increase recruitment and retention of women in undergraduate computing programs, and quantitative research methods and analysis.

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Wu Photo

Zhen Wu

Research Associate

Education: Ph.D. Instructional Technology, University of Virginia

Areas of Expertise: Database management and data analysis on evaluation programs.

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