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NCWIT Extension Services for Undergraduate Programs (ES-UP) provides customized consultation to undergraduate departments of computing to help them develop high-impact strategies for recruiting and retaining more women students.

Clients in our most recent cohort are seeing results in just two years. In this NSF-funded cohort, computing and engineering departments are working collaboratively to increase the overall pool of women in their programs. In 68% of the targeted majors, the rate of growth of women majors from 2011 to 2013 was greater than men’s. For half of these majors, the number of women majors grew by more than a third (33%). Clients are also seeing improvements in the number of women graduating from their programs. Fifty-eight percent of programs saw the number of women graduates increase by more than a third.

ES-UP employs a multi-pronged strategic planning model, illustrated in the following interactive diagram. Explore the various components to an effective strategic plan and find useful NCWIT resources by clicking on the different elements of the model.

Systemic Change ModelAssess Your EffortsRecruit StrategicallyRetain CurriculumRetain with Student SupportSupport Your Iniviatives



ES-UP is generously supported by the National Science Foundation (Awards HRD-1203148/1203198/1203174/1203179) and Google.org. For more information about currently funded ES-UP projects, visit our “Learn More About the Extension Services Program” page.


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Use the NCWIT Activity and Change Tracker (ACT) to track your activities — a collaborative, online tool for NCWIT Alliance Members to share their broadening participation in computing efforts with all supporters and followers of NCWIT.

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(NEW!) The NCWIT Tracking Tool is now open for Academic Alliance members. This online evaluation tool helps academic departments evaluate efforts for recruiting and retaining students, by collecting and charting enrollment and outcome data (i.e., attrition, retention, completions) by major.

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People Involved: 

Lucy Sanders

CEO and Co-founder

Lecia Barker

Senior Research Scientist

Joanne M. Cohoon

Senior Research Scientist

Beth Quinn

Director of ES-UP

Leisa Thompson

Director of Research and Consulting

Emmy Soyka

Program Manager

Susan Metz

Principal Investigator of Engage: Engaging Students in Engineering
Stevens Institute of Technology