Extension Services for Undergraduate Programs

The NCWIT Extension Services for Undergraduate Programs (ES-UP) builds capacity for reaching gender parity in undergraduate computing and engineering programs.

With a grant from the National Science Foundation, NCWIT is partnering with ENGAGE to provide customized consultation to NCWIT Academic Alliance members and their colleagues in engineering departments. Computing and engineering departments work as teams to expand the pool of women interested in their programs and to retain them. 

Teams are provided free, evidence-based resources to accomplish their goals (find resources using the Systemic Change Model below) and ongoing expert advice from Extension Services Consultants. Consultants help academic departments to identify opportunities, resources, and peers who are experienced in recruiting and retaining women. They also help departments develop solid assessment plans to track progress and provide ongoing consultation to help teams accomplish their goals.

Click parts of the NCWIT Systemic Change Model below to find resources for recruiting and retaining undergraduates.

(Or, download the PDF here.)

Systemic Change Model

Assess Your Efforts
Recruit Strategically
Retain Curriculum
Retain with Student Support
Support Your Iniviatives


NCWIT Extension Services for Undergraduate Programs is sponsored by National Science Foundation Awards HRD-1203148/1203198/1203174/1203179.

To understand the commitments involved in being an Extension Services Client, please click here.


People Involved: 

Lucy Sanders

CEO and Co-founder

Lecia Barker

Senior Research Scientist

Joanne M. Cohoon

Senior Research Scientist

Beth Quinn

Director of ES-UP

Leisa Thompson

Director of Research and Consulting

Emmy Soyka

Program Manager

Susan Metz

Principal Investigator of Engage: Engaging Students in Engineering
Stevens Institute of Technology