Engagement Project Team

The NCWIT Academic Alliance (AA) Engagement Team is responsible for reaching out to potential new members. Currently the Academic Alliance comprises more than 2,300 representatives from more than 600 institutions. These institutions include two-year and four-year schools, research universities, community colleges, minority serving institutions (MSIs), and historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), which offer degree programs ranging from Associate's degrees through PhDs. With the increasing number and diversity of institutional members, this team also focuses on increasing engagement between members. There are two activities that have recently been the focus of the team, increasing engagement and providing more benefits specific to NCWIT members to increase the value of their membership in the Academic Alliance.

Engagement Project Team Goals:

  • Rollout of the new online activity tracking system. All members are encouraged to login and submit their activities into the new Activity & Change Tracker http://www.ncwit.org/activities
  • Monitor the use of the activity tracking system, and help members find ways to best utilize the system.
  • Continue to look at ways to share what members are doing in automatic/minimally-invasive ways (i.e., that don't require a lot of work by someone), for inspiration and publicity.
  • Continue to recruit new institutions to the alliance.

Engagement Project Team Activities:

The Project Team has worked hard since the 2013 Summit on gathering activities written by members on paper and inputting them into the Activity & Change Tracking tool.

To make it successful, we need members to participate. Please sign in to www.ncwit.org and review, update, enter your activities. Follow our step-by-step instructions in the "how to" created just for you!

ACT now!

The Project Team has created a program that will facilitate NCWIT members to interact between members at professional conferences and workshops. It will be possible for AA NCWIT members to post their attendance at a conference via the NCWIT Facebook page and so connect with other AA members attending the conference, but also with members from the different alliances or with local members who are not attending the conference. We are currently working out the logistics of how best to organize this for maximum visibility and minimum information deluge.