Community College Outreach Project Team

The Community College Outreach Project Team is working to invite more community colleges into the NCWIT Academic Alliance and understand how we can best support them. This team is an excellent opportunity to work on broadening participation at this often-overlooked stage in the national IT pipeline. The Community College Outreach Project Team has gathered a lot of information about the issues facing 2-year institutions and learned the common issues involved, such as budget constraints and student retention. To provide meaningful, accessible participation opportunities for community college Academic Alliance members, the Community College Outreach Project Team is busy making plans to move forward on the most requested resources.

Community colleges - Check out the new community college landing page on the NCWIT website. The Community College subcommittee pulled together all the NCWIT resources relevant to community colleges.

Community College Outreach Project Team Goals:

  • Begin work on a collection of best practices for recruiting and retaining women in IT programs at the community college level
  • Start exploring the creation of high impact resources on women in entry level IT careers
  •  Begin exploring the possibility of creating a knowledge base of funding resources available at 2-year colleges

Community College Outreach Project Team Activities:

At the 2013 NCWIT May Summit, the team convened a number of community college professionals for a round table discussion about how to best address the needs of community colleges within the Academic Alliance. During this meeting, the team developed a strategic plan for increasing participation from community colleges in the Academic Alliance and identified a set of community college specific NCWIT resources that can be developed. The team wrote and submitted a proposal in the Fall of 2013 and is anxiously awaiting feedback.

In the beginning of 2013, the team developed their goals into three sub-committees and recruited Academic Alliance members who were interested in helping create a series of best practices for recruiting and retaining women in IT programs at 2-year institutions and Academic Alliance Members who would like to do some exploratory work on developing resources around entry-level IT careers and sources of funding for community college IT programs.

In 2012, the team focused its efforts on collecting data through a nationwide survey of community college CS/IT departments to assess what types of resources and support would be most beneficial to community college faculty and students. The survey was distributed to targeted community college faculty members and we had over 138 responses. Over 80% of respondents requested information and resources on entry-level IT careers.

If you would like to contact the Community College Outreach Project Team for more information about their goals, activities, and resources, or if you are interested in joining the Community College Outreach Project Team, please send an e-mail to

People Involved: 

Patricia Morreale

Co-chair Liaison

Cheryl Calhoun

Project Team Co-leader

Khallai Taylor

Project Team Co-leader

Giuseppe (Tony) Sena

Project Team Member

Pamela Silvers

Project Team Member

Melanie Williamson

Project Team Member