Community College Involvement Project Team

The Community College Involvement Project Team is working to include more community colleges into the NCWIT Academic Alliance and understand how we can best support them. This team is an excellent opportunity to work on broadening participation at this often-overlooked stage in the national IT pipeline. The Community College Involvement Project Team has gathered information about the issues facing 2-year institutions and learned the common issues involved, such as budget constraints and student retention. To provide meaningful, accessible participation opportunities for community college Academic Alliance members, the Community College Involvement (CCI) Project Team is busy making plans to move forward on the most requested resources.

Community colleges - Check out the new community college landing page on the NCWIT website. The Community College subcommittee pulled together all the NCWIT resources relevant to community colleges.

Community College Involvement Project Team Goals:

  • Outreach to community colleges to engage them in the NCWIT Academic Alliance.
  • Collect best practices for recruiting and retaining women at the community college level.
  • Update the Community College resources page on the NCWIT website.
  • Serve in an advisory capacity to the EngageIT NSF funded grant.


Get To Know Us 
Cheryl Calhoun
Co-chair Liaison
Diana Nixon
Project Team Co-leader
Amardeep Kahlon
Project Team Co-leader
Rick Adrion
Project Team Member
April Browne
Project Team Member
Jill Denner
NCWIT Representatives
Wendy DuBow, Ph.D.
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Kim Kalahar
NCWIT Representatives
Beth Quinn, Ph.D.
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