AGA Best Practice Sharing Series

A member led series that highlights an AGA member and provides a platform for sharing best practices of our member affinity groups. This dynamic project is building a library of conversations that highlight the work of our members. 

The series showcases and celebrates the power of affinity groups in their support and actions in the advancement of women in technology. Some of the many questions answered through this engaging series are:

  • What are some the key factors that attribute to your success? 
  • What are some of your results?
  • Is your organization funded by a Corporate Headquarters or individual business units?  
  • Is it solely focused on women in technology occupations?
  • What is your chapter structure? Do you have salaried leaders?
  • What kind of activities or programs do you coordinate?
  • How do you facilitate mentorship and sponsorship?
  • Does your group inform HR/recruiting policy at all? etc.


To date, the following members have been highlighted:

People Involved: 

Dori Farah

Affinity Group Alliance Manager

Rachel Book

Women of AT&T