About Collaborative Action Teams

NCWIT relies on engagement from members to develop resources, research projects, and platforms for change through participation on these teams. You will work with other members to develop strategic action plans for creating inclusive cultures, share lessons learned, and advise on development of new NCWIT resources. Teams meet quarterly so the time commitment to serve is not extensive.

Why Participate?

Serving on a Collaborative Action Team provides participants the opportunity for professional development and networking as they share insights, gain knowledge, and collaborate on projects related to the social science of diversity in tech. These teams are official NCWIT entities through which members can take leadership roles, enhance their professional and personal connections to others in the field, and list as additional experience or qualifications. Participation also allows members to lend a vital perspective to the creation and impact of the state-of-the-art corporate tools that NCWIT produces.

We are currently identifying participants for these teams:

To learn more and/or volunteer to serve on a WA/EA Work Team, please email Brandon White at brandon.white@ncwit.org.