Pacesetters Program

NCWIT Pacesetters is a unique, fast-track program in which committed corporate, entrepreneurial, and academic leaders work across organizational boundaries to accelerate change that improves the meaningful participation of technical women, both within their own organizations and nationally. Pacesetters use disruptive, innovative approaches to achieve measurable, two-year goals related to challenging stereotypes, releasing diversity data, and more.

View advice, insights, and inspiration from more than two dozen Pacesetters in this series of videos.

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Benefits of Participation

While Pacesetter organizations are increasing the inclusiveness of their cultures in a structured setting that holds them accountable, they also receive extensive support and benefits, including:

  • support in gaining executive-level buy in
  • assistance in goal setting and progress reporting
  • access to social science expertise
  • practical, research-based recommendations and approaches for recruitment and retention of women in computing degree programs and careers
  • learning opportunities corporate, entrepreneurial, and academic organizations
  • external recognition for commitment to diversity and inclusion in technology innovation

For further information, contact Program Director Jill Reckie.


People Involved: 

Jill Reckie

Program Director

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