NCWIT Student Seed Fund

Since 2011, the NCWIT Student Seed Fund has invested over $178,250 in more than 129 student-run programs for women in computing at non-profit, U.S. Academic Alliance member institutions nationwide (excluding U.S. territories). Programs have included technology-related learning and advancement opportunities, including programming workshops, peer mentoring and support, professional training, after-school programs, and more. The Student Seed Fund now offers multi-tiered awards to better support the needs of Women in Computing (WiC) groups at different stages of development and varied institutional sizes.


Create and Expand WiC Groups on campus

WiC groups on campus can increase women’s confidence and enjoyment of their technical studies, help reduce feelings of isolation, dispel common myths and stereotypes, and empower students to actively recruit and mentor other women.

The NCWIT Student Seed Fund (sponsored by offers an opportunity to create or expand ACM-W chapters on college and university campuses. (Existing WiC groups are encouraged to affiliate as an ACM-W student chapter in order to be eligible for funding.)

Applications for Round 12 have now closed!

The winners will be announced at the end of August. Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal. Check back as our next round will open in August 2016!

Eligibility and Resources

  • Host institutions must be an NCWIT non-profit Academic Alliance member within the United States. Not an AA member? Click here to get started.
  • Student groups must either be an existing ACM-W student chapter or an affiliation of an ACM-W student chapter. Not an ACM-W student chapter or affiliated with one? Click here to get started.
  • Winners of the Trailblazer Award are not eligible to win the award again. Winners of the Amplification Award are eligible to apply for the Trailblazer Award. Winners of the Start-up Award are eligible to apply for the Amplification or the Trailblazer Award. Each ACM-W Chapter is eligible to win each award once.
  • How to Create and Sustain a Women in Computing Group on Your Campus provides an outline of key steps for creating and sustaining a vibrant WiC student group. View this resource.


View the Student Seed Fund FAQs for more detailed information about eligibility and requirements.

For more information please contact Kim Kalahar, the Student Seed Fund Manager.

Past Student Seed Fund Winners and Sponsors

View Previous Winners

NCWIT would like to thank for its current sponsorship of the Student Seed Fund as well as previous sponsors; Symantec and ReturnPath. 

People Involved: 

Kim Kalahar

Student Seed Fund Manager

Robert Beck

Co-chair Liaison

Blanca Polo

Project Team Co-leader