NCWIT Student Seed Fund

The NCWIT Student Seed Fund has awarded $73,250 to 100 student-run programs with funds to recruit, retain, and support women in computing. These groups have provided outreach, mentoring, peer support, training, and professional development opportunities to more than 3,700 elementary middle-school, high-school, undergraduate, and graduate students. 

Applications for Spring 2015 are now closed

UMass CS Women's Group
The NCWIT Academic Alliance has partnered with Symantec to offer the NCWIT Student Seed Fund, a $1,000 award given to student-run programs and initiatives that promote increased participation of women in computing and IT programs. The award is available to student organizations residing in an institution that is a non-profit, U.S. university and a member of the NCWIT Academic Alliance; free membership in the Academic Alliance can be obtained by having a faculty member complete this Membership Request Form. The award is given to organizations whose initiatives align with NCWIT's mission by proposing activities, events, or other programs that will recruit, retain, and support women in technology- and computing-related majors. (An institution can receive only one award per campus institution per year.)

Spring 2015 (Round 10) Call for Proposals

The Call for Proposals for Round 10 of the Symantec Student Seed Fund has now closed.  Proposals are currently being reviewed and the winners will be notified by May 15, 2015.  Check back on this page to learn who won and when the next round will open!

For more information about the NCWIT Academic Alliance and the Seed Fund Award program, contact the Academic Alliance Program Manager, Kim Kalahar.

Fall 2014 (Round 9) Winners

On January 14, 2015 the following organizations were notified they each had won $1,000 for the NCWIT Student Seed Fund.  Please read the press release for more information on the Round 9 winners.

  • California State University, Channel Islands will host a three-day boot camp to expose students to programming in a collaborative, focused environment.
  • Columbus State University will arrange a computing day for fourth- and fifth-grade girls to gain experience with computational thinking and problem solving, as well as to encourage them to consider studies and careers in technology.
  • Michigan State University aims to coordinate a “Teach Workshop” for underrepresented students at STEM Academy.
  • Smith College intends to send a group of 30 students to attend the Harvard Women Engineers (WECode) Conference, which brings women together to learn about CS opportunities and establish meaningful relationships with one another.
  • University of California, Irvine will conduct multiple events for young women at Garden Grove High Schools to cultivate their interest in technology through mentorship and a series of hands-on workshops.
  • University of Connecticut aims to organize a two-day, hands-on workshop for up to 40 middle and high school students. Students will choose from six different programs and will be advised by an UConn undergraduate student.
  • University of North Carolina, Charlotte plans to teach mobile app development fundamentals over a ten-week course, followed by another ten-week course on embedded systems and their relationship to smartphones and participatory sensing.
  • University of Pittsburgh will host an all-women’s hackathon for undergraduate women at the University of Pittsburgh.
  • University of South Florida intends to provide a roadshow that consists of an interactive presentation, a programming contest, and a mentoring session.
  • Washington State University, Pullman will create hands-on programming projects for students and organize presentations about the exciting research and career opportunities that women in computing are pursuing at Washington State University.

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We thank Symantec for its support for the Student Seed Fund.

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