NCWIT Student Seed Fund

The NCWIT Student Seed Fund has awarded $83,250 to 110 student-run programs with funds to recruit, retain, and support women in computing. These groups have provided outreach, mentoring, peer support, training, and professional development opportunities to more than 3,700 elementary middle-school, high-school, undergraduate, and graduate students. 

Spring 2015 Winners Announced May 2015

Student Seed Fund Winners
The NCWIT Academic Alliance has partnered with Symantec to offer the NCWIT Student Seed Fund, a $1,000 award given to student-run programs and initiatives that promote increased participation of women in computing and IT programs. The award is available to student organizations residing in an institution that is a non-profit, U.S. university and a member of the NCWIT Academic Alliance; free membership in the Academic Alliance can be obtained by having a faculty member complete this Membership Request Form. The award is given to organizations whose initiatives align with NCWIT's mission by proposing activities, events, or other programs that will recruit, retain, and support women in technology- and computing-related majors. (An institution can receive only one award per campus institution per year.)

Spring 2015 (Round 10) Winners

On May 5, 2015 the following organizations were notified they each had won $1,000 for the NCWIT Student Seed Fund.

  • Berea College aims to maintain an online blog and launch a series of informative videos addressing specific issues that concern women pursuing a degree in computer science.
  • Bryn Mawr College will collaborate with students on various projects relating to software engineering, including websites and mobile applications. Read more here.
  • Georgia Gwinnett College will host a Fall Kick-off and Spring Celebration to allow students to familiarize themselves with the project.  They will also host a three-day WIT Boot Camp where students learn technical skills while forming a community of support.
  • Livingstone College plans to conduct a six week course that introduces elementary and middle school girls to the concept of coding.
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute will send members to NYCWiC 2016.  The conference is modeled after the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Conference and it promotes the academic, social, and professional growth of women in computer science. Read more here.
  • San Jose State University plans to host the inaugural SWE-SJSU’s Women’s Hackathon aiming to empower women in computer science.  Attendees will put together a list of projects and ideas that they will have the opportunity to demonstrate at the event.
  • University of Delaware will organize an E-Textiles Workshop that combines learning how electronics and programming can be combined to create fun and useful e-textiles.
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst will organize, host, and promote a series of technical workshops designed to build every day skills that students who are introduced to computer science in an academic setting often lack. Read more here.
  • University of Pennsylvania intends to leverage their relationship with local teachers by developing a biweekly workshop series, InsipiHer, which will target local middle and high schools.
  • University of South Alabama will hold a series of 3 events over the course of the fall semester aimed at increasing the organization’s membership base by attracting both female students currently enrolled in the School of Computing and undeclared female students at the university.
  • Western Washington University will engage with students using LittleBits, which allows them to demonstrate the applications of computer science, allowing students to learn how circuits work. Read more here.

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We thank Symantec for its support for the Student Seed Fund.

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