Natasha Veltri, Assistant Professor

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University of Tampa

The Information & Technology Management department at the University of Tampa offers two majors: Management Information Systems (MIS) accredited by ABET’s Computing Accreditation Commission using the Information Systems criteria and Financial Enterprise Systems (FES). We joined the NCWIT Pacesetters program in January 2013 to use best practices to increase enrollment of females in the MIS program by 50 percent. We are using an in-reach strategy by focusing on female students who are already at the University of Tampa. On campus events introduce students to career opportunities in IT, dispel stereotypes and showcase successful female IT professionals.  Partnerships with local information systems professional associations provide many opportunities for student interaction with the IT community and female role models. Our faculty members and student leaders of the UT Technology Club serve as ambassadors and discuss the MIS major with other students in classes and on campus. Additionally, professors invite female guest speakers to introductory MIS classes and personally encourage female students to pursue career opportunities in the IT field. We hope that these efforts will allow us to spread the word about opportunities in IT field, and identify and provide one-on-one encouragement to students to pursue IT-related majors.