Maureen Biggers, Director, IU Center of Excellence in Technology (CEWiT)

Maureen Biggers
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Indiana University

The School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University doubled the number of female undergraduate majors, from 75 to 150 in 18 months. With strong support from the dean, we did it by using an engaging, research-based systemic change model promoted by NCWIT, and having a clear goal and a comprehensive strategic plan. Initiatives included faculty focus on best practices in pedagogy, programs to increase student success and retention, understanding our students and using that understanding in targeted marketing initiatives, community development to increase sense of belonging, and leveraging the power of parents and peers. It takes a village and this IU Village is now committed to the challenge of doubling it again to 300 female undergraduates in 2014!

Hear Maureen tell the Indiana University Bloomington Pacesetters story: