Josh Ashton, Director of People

Josh Ashton


Partner with existing groups (company affinity groups, supervisory groups, local community organizations) to offer opportunities that women weren't aware of and to recruit and advance women into computing fields. This may involve efforts to change the image of computing or improving how the organization celebrates women's technical contributions and accomplishments.

Faculty, admissions staff, counselors, parents, mentors, managers, and peers are all powerful influencers of women's decisions to enter or stay in a technical career. Influencing the influencers provides an inflection point for causing them to consider their own biases or perceptions, and helping them encourage more women to pursue technical careers.

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SendGrid is a cloud-based email technology company headquartered in Boulder, CO.  We are a proud member of NCWIT, the Entrepreneurial Alliance, and the Pacesetter program.  We are firm believers and champions of changing the ratio of women in computing.

There are a few key areas in which we are trying to move the needle.  First, is increasing our community involvement by championing and participating in various women-in-tech groups such as NCWIT, LadyCoders, Grace Hopper, Girl Geek Dinners, Railsbridge, the Syracuse IT Girls, and Girl Develop IT, amongst others.  Second, we are focusing our efforts internally at SendGrid by educating our employees on the issue, how they can get involved, starting roundtable discussions, and then modifying our office environment, recruiting & hiring processes, and any employment language all to be gender neutral.  Finally, we are encouraging and building a platform for our current employees, specifically our amazing technical women, to share their story, so that the pipeline of future and current technical women stays strong.

As NCWIT leaders say, it’s a marathon not a sprint, but we hope that in our efforts we can help set the pace!