Christina Wujek, IT Recruiting Consultant at Governor's Office of Information Technology

Organization Name 
State of Colorado - Governor's Office of Technology OIT

The Colorado Governor’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) intends to increase the number of tecnical women in their organization. We have identified a group of women in our workforce who are in a position to be developed into ‘hi-potential’ future leaders for OIT and are currently working on a succession plan to ensure they continue to contribute as an important part our technial organization. Our goal for Pacesetters is to incorporate into OITs Playbook Initiatives for Fiscal Year 2014, a strategy to refine OITs talent review process by ensuring that eligible women are identified and offered leadership coaching, mentoring and/or training and maintain that percentage through the next two years. This goal allows OIT to be progressive in our attempt to be a place where women want to work and are recognized for their contributions.