Carol Frieze, Director, Women@CS


Partner with existing groups (company affinity groups, supervisory groups, local community organizations) to offer opportunities that women weren't aware of and to recruit and advance women into computing fields. This may involve efforts to change the image of computing or improving how the organization celebrates women's technical contributions and accomplishments.

Faculty, admissions staff, counselors, parents, mentors, managers, and peers are all powerful influencers of women's decisions to enter or stay in a technical career. Influencing the influencers provides an inflection point for causing them to consider their own biases or perceptions, and helping them encourage more women to pursue technical careers.

Organization Name: 
Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University aims to sustain the growth in the numbers of women in the undergraduate and graduate CS programs that we’ve witnessed over the past few of years. We hope to maintain the high levels of retention and graduation of women in computing programs at CMU. We will build a social community, offering mentoring and leadership and professional skills opportunities to women and continue to reach out to K-12 STEM educators, families and students through Outreach programs: Roadshows, TechNights, Sci-Tech, CS4HS. We plan to encourage current CS female undergraduate students to reach their full potential by seeing the possibilities of graduate school through “What is Research” panels, the OurCS workshop, Grad/Ugrad sisters. We expect to see more CS undergraduate women in leadership roles such as TA’s, RA’s and freshmen orientation counselors. Through surveys and interviews we will be ale to monitor these specific goals and sustain a culture and environment in which both men and women can thrive. In all these ways we wish to be able to support the valuable role played by Women@SCS in all of the above goals.