Renata Colitti O'Day

Renata Colitti O'Day

Senior Engineering Manager


As a Senior Engineering Manager, Renata leads software engineering teams through the product engineering lifecycle,  for the Fibre Channel and IP Network  Operating Systems.  " I create effective organizations built on teamwork, loyalty, respect, motivation, and consistently  delivering on aggressive goals.  The teams I have led work on highly complex technical projects spread across multiple work locations."

Before joining Brocade, Renata has held roles in Software Quality Assurance, Test Tools Development, System Engineering, Business Development Program Manager, Director of Product Engineering & Test and Technical Manager of Unified Communication Systems at  CliniComm, McDonnell Douglas, U S WEST, Avaya and Brocade (formerly McDATA).

Some interesting technologies Renata has been a part of creating and bringing to market are as follows;

  • Avaya Unified Messaging (data, voice and applications)
  • Global Telecommunications Award team recognition for the best use of enhanced integrated network solutions, One Number Service. (Integrated Wireline and Wireless)
  • Advanced Intelligent Network- Telephony Management and Integration Services (Teen Screen, Talking Call Waiting,
  • Broadband Solutions-VDSL

Renata is a named inventor on  two patents with a third pending;

Patent: 5,832,060: System and Method for Concatenated Messaging. Product Name: I Called. June 1999

Patent: 6,831,966 Multi-Tenant, Multi-Media Call Center Services Platform System. Product Name: Virtual Call Center Solutions. December 2004

In 2012, Renata was recognized with our CEO's Excellence Award for a successful launch of Brocade's Women In Networking (WIN) program. Through her leadership, in combination with championing  NCWIT Work Force Alliance, Affinity Alliance and scholarship sponsorship, the launch gained recognition as the most successful across the company by producing results that exceeded expectations.   In 2011, Renata was the finalist for the Women's Vision Foundation, Woman of the Year award.

Outside of work Renata enjoys doing  anything with her daughters, traveling, skiing, yoga,  volunteering for Children’s Hospital, National Disabled  Sports Program at Winter Park and Chautauqua Concerts and films in the summer.