NCWIT Research You Can Learn From and Put Into Action Immediately

Recruit Underrepresented Undergraduate Students

This resource packet contains the best available research with practical hands-on ideas for recruiting more women students into computing majors or departments.

Recruit Students Packet

Retain Underrepresented Undergraduate Students

This resource packet contains the best available research for retaining the historically underrepresented students in majors or departments. Choose to focus on classroom pedagogy, departmental culture, or some other factor that influences student retention.

Retain Students Packet

Use More Engaging Teaching Assignments for Intro to CS Courses

EngageCSEdu is a living collection of high school and college course materials from the national CS community that is peer-reviewed and evaluated by educators and experts in student engagement. EngageCSEdu is based on a framework of research-based teaching practices that support diversity and engaging all students.

EngageCSEdu Website

Conduct K-12 Outreach

This resource packet provides a number of activities that can be included in outreach efforts, as well as a solid research basis for how to attract historically underrepresented populations.

K-12 Outreach Packet

Provide Professional Development for High School CS Teachers

This resource packet includes research-based approaches for training high school computer science teachers, as well as practices for educators to connect computing curriculum to students’ interests, prior experiences, and needs.

PD for HS Teachers Packet

Recruit New Faculty

This resource packet contains research-based approaches for recruiting more women and underrepresented racial/ethnic minority faculty into departments.

Recruit Faculty Packet

Noteworthy Outcome

The large NCWIT library of resources are heavily distributed as hard copies (258,287 resources in 2017). And, resource webpage views are high; there were 38,891 resource downloads in 2017, which is a 48 percent increase from 2016.

As an NSF-funded BPC Alliance, NCWIT offers scalable, evaluated, and packaged programs and resources that CISE Principal Investigators (PIs) and their departments can engage with as plans for broadening participation in computing are developed. Learn more about getting support for the NSF Broadening Participation in Computing Plan requirement online.

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