SWE-MN is a driving force for STEM education:  we promote engineering to all within our community as we influence the next generation of engineers.  By reaching out to all ages and all community members, we fill the pipeline with women engineers.  We showcase strong technical women leaders and provide role models to aspiring engineers.

SWE-MN is a respected advocate for STEM education and STEM policy issues; our community seeks out our expertise.  We provide a message of engineering as a desired profession; we provide guidance in ways to encourage and advance young women in STEM.

SWE-MN creates a community of support for women engineers at all stages of personal life and professional careers.  We provide a cohesive and inclusive environment where members mentor and encourage each other.

SWE-MN provides professional development opportunities for women engineers through a combination of meetings, seminars, conferences and webinars.  Our network provides a forum conducive to sharing best practices, knowledge, and advice to foster leadership capabilities and achievement for our members.