Guilford College

Guilford’s longstanding mission is clear and distinctive: to provide a transformative, practical and excellent liberal arts education for every student that produces critical thinkers in an inclusive, diverse environment, emphasizing the creative problem-solving skills, experience, enthusiasm and international perspectives necessary to promote positive change in the world. Our timeless core values of community, diversity, equality, excellence, integrity, justice and stewardship are rooted in Quaker testimonies of community, equality, integrity, peace, and simplicity. 

Physics students at Guilford come from a variety of backgrounds and have a broad spectrum of interests and career goals. About one-third of our physics majors plan for employment in a technical field immediately after graduation. Another third pursue graduate study in physics or astronomy. The remaining third go on to advanced study in another field. The common thread connecting the different goals and focuses of our students and faculty is the physicist’s approach to thinking about, modeling and understanding the universe.