Arizona State University - Phoenix

ASU Mission: To establish ASU as the model for a New American University, measured not by who they exclude, but rather by who they include; pursuing research and discovery that benefits the public good; assuming major responsibility for the economic, social, and cultural vitality and health and well-being of the community. ASU Goals 2002-2012: Access and Quality for All: Expand university access to match Arizona diversification and growth, Enhance university graduation rate, Enhance linkages with community colleges; National Comprehensive University by 2012: Become a leading center for interdisciplinary science and technology discovery and development, Enhance research and discovery competitiveness; Establish National Standing in Academic Quality and Impact of Colleges and Schools in Every Field Enhance our Local Impact and Social Embeddedness: Enhance linkage to local and regional social and community development groups, Establish/develop/enhance linkages and partnerships with local, regional and national NGO’s, governments and public agencies, and private sector firms