Apple: Pacesetters

Apple has had a long-standing relationship with the National Center for Women and Information Technology and has now become a ‘Lifetime Partner’ focusing on Innovation and Emerging Talent to expand a joint commitment to help double the talent pool of women available for technology jobs by 2019. 
This funding and commitment will focus on:
  1. the “Aspirations in Computing” program — the only national-level talent development program for young women in computing and IT. It is the only program that provides long-term engagement and tracking from middle through graduate school, smoothing the critical transitions from middle to high school, high school to college, college to internships and research experiences, to graduate school and the workforce – the ‘leaky’ points at which women often exit the tech pipeline. Apple's end-to-end support of Aspirations is designed to help further shape and strengthen the program, while making meaningful national change to the experiences of young women considering tech studies and careers.
  2. Telling the “innovation stories” of young women — NCWIT’s focus on the intellectual curiosity and passions of young women, and educator role models, inspires and challenges these women to do great things. Apple will work with NCWIT to help creatively tell the innovation stories of these women and showcase the next generation of innovators more inclusively, disrupting commonly held perceptions of who "techs."
  3. Shaping NCWIT’s new Latinas in technology initiative — Announced during CS Education Week 2014 (December), this new initiative gives Apple and NCWIT an opportunity to make direct impact on the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population, giving Latinas the inspiration to explore tech studies and careers.