International Women's Day

Celebrate International Women's Day by celebrating women in IT!

Where is your organization looking for IT leadership and innovation? Are you building a globally competitive organization by tapping into diverse perspectives? Are women playing a key role in shaping your company's future?

Join NCWIT and a network of companies in using International Women's Day, March 8, as an opportunity to publicize, promote, and improve women's participation in IT. The persistent underrepresentation of women in the rapidly growing, critical field of IT inhibits innovation by omitting the diverse perspectives and life experiences women bring to invention and problem-solving; and it perpetuates and even exacerbates the social and economic disparities for women everywhere. Acknowledging women's contributions to IT and striving for greater participation is an ideal way to honor the spirit of International Women's Day.

International Women's Day-in-a-Box

NCWIT's new all-in-one resource, International Women's Day-in-a-Box, is designed to help companies capitalize on International Women's Day as an occasion to celebrate successes and address barriers to women's full participation in IT. Download the Box to check out the ideas, events, and tips for designing your own celebration.

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Create Your Own Celebration

Download our International Women's Day-in-a-Box for suggestions, activities, and tips, from quick-and-easy ideas to long-term investments.