Funding Opportunities

Membership with an NCWIT Alliance offers significant benefits. NCWIT members gain access to the technical talent pipeline, tap into the latest research and business-critical data, connect with industry and academic experts, pilot programs with their peers, participate in national outreach programs, and share ideas and best practices at the NCWIT Summit.

Support for NCWIT takes your organization's membership to the next level. As a supporter, NCWIT partners with you to develop initiatives based on YOUR organization's goals. Some examples of benefits to NCWIT supporters:

  • Exclusive sponsorship of an NCWIT award, resource, or program
  • Visibility and speaking opportunities at NCWIT events
  • High profile in NCWIT's national press campaign and in NCWIT's promotions
  • Prominent placement in high-traffic areas of NCWIT's website
  • Consultations on your recruitment, retention, advancement, and outreach programs for girls and women in information technology
  • Participation in NCWIT-supported recruiting events (including online events)
  • Ability to use support of NCWIT (and its logo) in corporate marketing efforts

For more information about becoming a sponsor, please contact us.